Manga artist

Manga artist

Main works: "Fishing Addict Sampei" "Fishing Fools" "Matagi Retsuden" "My Town" "Hometown" "Japan Museum Magazine" "Hey !! Yamabiko" "My Osamu Tezuka" "Fukuoka Era" "Wild Legend" "Back "Highway" "LOVE FISH Sampei Club" and many others.
Currently a director of the Japan Manga Artists Association and a coterie of the Cartoonist Club.
He carries out actively his duty not only as an artist but also as a leading figure of the Japanese manga world such as a caretaker of Manga Japan. Passed away in 2020.
Takao Yaguchi Official


Born at Nishinaruse Village, Ogachi-gun (actually Masuda district, Yokote City) in Akita Prefecture.
Graduated from the prefectural Masuda High School and entered the Ugo Bank (actually Hokuto Bank), and had worked there for 12 years.
Retired from the bank, came up to Tokyo alone, and became a manga artist. Debuted by "Ayu" at Shogakkan "Weekly Shonen Sunday".
Started serialization of "Fishing Maniac Sampei" at Kodansha "Weekly Shonen Magazine". Raised a fishing boom in Japan.
Won the 5th Kodansha Publishing Culture Award (Children's Manga Category) by "Fishing Maniac Sampei" and "Phantom Snake, Bachihebi".
Won the Grand Prize (Grand Prix) of 5th Japan Manga Artist Association Award by "Matagi". Since then, he has continued to publish numerous works in which he has drawn "relationships of nature and humans" consistently, and in many of them he has set Tohoku and Akita as their stages.
Authentic "Manga Art Museum" opened in his hometown, Masuda town. From its basic concept to its events, he showed his talent as a producer.
In commemoration of "Manga Artist Life 30 Years", an original picture exhibition "MEMORIAL SELECTION - Trail of Takao Yaguchi's 30 Years" was held at "Masuda Manga Art Museum". In April of the same year, he became the fourth honorary citizen in Masuda Town.
A sightseeing poster (dedicated by him) of Yokote City in Akita Prefecture received a special award (illustration award) at the 58th Japan Poster Competition. At the third anniversary ceremony of the Yokote City system, he received the first recognition of the merit from the new city, and also received "Regional Culture Merit Award" in fiscal year 2008 for the first time as a cartoonist.
As the 50th anniversary commemorative work of "Weekly Shonen Magazine", the first live-action film "Fishing Maniac Sampei" was released from Toei. In addition, he received "Regional Culture Merit Award" in fiscal year 2009 from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology .
Passed away
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