TAKUBO Kyoji  
Artist, Visiting Professor of Tama Art University

Artist, Visiting Professor of Tama Art University

Born in Ehime prefecture in 1949. In collaboration with architects and photographers, he has conducted extensive area activities, such as restoring past buildings. He undertook the rebirth project of the chapel at Normandy in France, and received the Officier, a French Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Order of Arts and Letters).
Visiting Professor of Tama Art University, Lecturer of University of the Sacred Heart, Tokyo (as of 2017).
TAKUBO Kyoji (in Japanese)

This Artist's Public Art Works


Born in Ehime Prefecture
Entered Tama Art University Painting course
From this year to 1973, held the private exhibition series "Image Trial" five times at the galleries in Tokyo
Graduated from Tama Art University
Participated in the 9th Paris Biennale
Held solo exhibition (Fuji TV Gallery '86 '90 '96) Participated as the Japan representative at the 41st Venice Biennale
"Absolute scene 1987" : collaborated with Ruji Suzuki, an architect, and Shigeo Aki, a photographer
In charge of the stage art of the opera "Golem" performed at the Almeida Theater in London Immigrated to Falaise, Normandy region, France with his family and started the revitalization project of the Saint Vigor de Mieux chapel
Received "Murano Togo Award" at the completion of the chapel, and returned home
Received the Order of Arts and Letters (Officier) from the Government of the French Republic for the Chapel Revitalization Project Living at Kotohira Town in Kagawa Prefecture, started the "Kotohirayama Revitalization Plan" at the same time as the ceremony for moving a deity to a new site as a cultural adviser of Kompira-san Shrine until 2011 In addition to advancing research, restoration and disclosure of fine art works of Kompira-san Shrine (e.g. made the former shrine office a permanent exhibition room for Yuichi Takahashi's works), started to produce the painting on fusuma at the Hakushoin at 2005 Created a mural painting "Kamitsubaki" with porcelain and worked on architectural design for the new tea house in 2007
Held solo exhibition (The Museum of Art, EHIME)
At Guimet Museum of Asian Art, France, comprehensively produced Kompira-san special exhibition "Kompira-san sea sanctuary exhibition" and displayed his own works there
"Kagawa 21st Century Grand Prize" awarded by "Kotohirayama revitalization plan" and the exhibition at Guimet Museum of Asian Art, France
Held solo exhibition "Kyoji Takubo Exhibition Scenery Art" (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo) Held solo exhibition "On the scenery of Kurashiki" (Ohara Museum of Art)
Held solo exhibition "Kyoji Takubo New Works Exhibition" (The Museum of Art, EHIME) Held solo exhibition "Kyoji Takubo Exhibition" (Open space at Luce Verde / Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture) Produced a folding screen with six panels at Shogetsuji temple in Rikuzentakata city
Produced a folding screen with six panels at the French ambassador's residence in Tokyo Received Dark‐blue Ribbon Medal (Fiscal year 2013) Held solo exhibition "Kyoji Takubo's World Exhibition" (Mitsukoshi Ginza store) Produced a mural painting at Shin Yamate Hospital (Higashimurayama city, Tokyo) Produced a stained glass "Mandarin oranges, oranges" at Matsuyama Airport
Produced a Ceramic Wall Painting at Kobe Steel Wakihama Dorm Produced a Ceramic Mural at G-clef Chisato Aobaoka Mansion Entrance Hall (Suita City, Osaka Prefecture)
Produced a mural painting at Patisserie Hilano (Iiyama city, Nagano prefecture) Held "Fragment of the landscape - Kyoji Takubo Exhibition" (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi main store) Produced a mural "Iizuna's apple"at Iizuna Apple Museum (Iizuna town, Nagano prefecture) Produced an approach road in front of Iiyama resurrection church "Sensation cell - 2015" (Iiyama city, Nagano prefecture)
Produced a mural painting at Iizuna Apple Museum "Apple flowers at Iizuna" (Iizuna town, Nagano prefecture) Produced a ceramic mural painting "Le Pommier - 2016"at a commercial building, Apolan (Jiyugaoka, Tokyo) Produced "Dialogue with trees - Five landscapes around reproduction" commemorating the 90th anniversary of the opening (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)
Produced a mosaic mural "Le Pommier d'or" at Sacred Heart Global Plaza (University of the Sacred Heart)
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