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44th Award Ceremony
44th Award Ceremony

As The Association promote public art all over japan, we set up “The TAKIFUJI Art Award” in 1980 to foster young talents who could contribute to the future of public art. Since we extended our invitations to overseas students in 1991, we changed the name to “The International TAKIFUJI Art Award.” Presently, the scholarship draws students from 12 foreign institutions as well as 13 domestic colleges. Over the last 44 years (by 2023), we have provided support for a total of 868 young art students from Japan and abroad. Some have become leaders in the art world. Among them, sculptor AOKI Noe, a 1st year grantee; contemporary artist; NARA Yoshitomo, a 5th year grantee; contemporary artist, YANOBE Kenji, a 9th year grantee; sculptor, ODANI Motohiko, a 15th year grantee.

Achievement (Until 2023, 44th award)

The universities above are correct as of October 2023(Universities which subject to the application qualification revised and add depend on the year)
Total of winners 868 (44th, 22 students)
Total Scholarship 253.1 million yen ($1.69million)
Aichi University of the Arts / Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts / Kanazawa College of Art / Kyoto City University of Arts / Kyoto University of the Arts/ Joshibi University of Art and Design / Tama Art University / Tokyo University of the Arts / Tokyo Zokei University / Tohoku University of Art and Design / Nihon University / Hiroshima City University / Musashino Art University
Ewha Womans University, College of Arts & Design, South Korea / Hongik University, South Korea / Seoul National University, South Korea / Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, China / Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore / École Nationale Supérieure Des Beaux-Arts de Paris, France / Berlin University of the Arts, Germany / Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Germany / University of the Arts London, UK / University College London, UK / Art Center College of Design, USA / Pratt Institute, USA


  • MIYATA Ryohei
    MIYATA Ryohei
    Metal Craft Artist / Professor Emeritus, Tokyo University of the Arts / Director General, the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition
  • OTSU Eibin
    OTSU Eibin
    Painter /
    Member of The Japan Art Academy
  • HIBINO Katsuhiko
    HIBINO Katsuhiko
    Artist /
    President,Tokyo University of the Arts
  • YUZAWA Sachiko
    YUZAWA Sachiko
    Professor, Tama Art University
  • Director of the General Affairs Division, Railway Bureau of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • Senior Executive Officer, East Japan Railway Company
  • TAKI Hisao, Director – General, Japan Traffic Culture Association

As of October 2023.

The 44th Winners 2023

Prize for Excellence / Grand Prize KASAHARA Rikako Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan
Prize for Excellence / International Grand Prize Jenny (Jiening) CHEN Art Center College of Design, USA
Prize for Excellence IMAI Ryo Aichi University of the Arts, Japan
NAKAI Serika Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, Japan
NOJO Rei Kanazawa College of Art, Japan
YAMANOUCHI Genshun Kyoto City University of Arts, Japan
SHIRAHATA Kako Kyoto University of the Arts, JAPAN
MATSUOKA Miho Joshibi University of Art and Design, Japan
FUJITA Nono Tama Art University, Japan
IGUCHI Minao Tokyo Zokei University, Japan
ISHIGURO Hikaru Tohoku University of Art and Design, Japan
NOMURA Hinata Nihon University, Japan
SAITO Natsumi Hiroshima City University, Japan
HE Ziyu Musashino Art University, Japan
KIM Eui-Jin Seoul National University, South Korea
ZHAN ZhaoJu Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, China
Iman SENGUPTA Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore
Elise NGUYEN QUOC École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, France
Livia RAUCH Berlin University of the Arts, Germany
Special Jury Prize NOMURA Shunsuke Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan
HEO Sujeong Ewha Womans University, College of Arts & Design, South Korea
AEREE Sul Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Germany

The Grand Prize winner is selected from among winners of Prize for Excellence.


Scene from the 44th International
TAKIFUJI Art Award screening

Final screening for the 44th International TAKIFUJI Art Award winners was held on September 13th. The results were, 13 Prizes for Excellence and 1 Special Jury Prizes to artists from Japan; and for 6 countries including South Korea, China, Singapore, France, Germany and the USA, there were 6 Prizes for Excellence and 2 Special Jury Prize. In addition, the winners of the Grand Prize (Ms. KASAHARA Rikako, Tokyo University of the Arts) and the International Grand Prize (Ms. Jenny (Jiening) CHEN, Art Center College of Design) were selected from the Prize for Excellence recipients.

Award Ceremony and Reception
(November 15th, 2023 in Meiji Kinenkan)

Commemorative photo

The award ceremony was held in Meiji Kinenkan. This year, we have invited award-winning students and supervisors from Japan, as well as some students and supervisors from overseas universities for the first time in four years since 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic. The director general of JPTCA, TAKI Hisao, handed the award certificates and scholarships to each winner on stage. The winners received a big round of applause from their teachers and guests. The juries Mr. MIYATA Ryohei and Mr. HIBINO Katsuhiko, gave words of encouragement to the winners. The social gathering began with a greeting from jurie Ms. YUZAWA Sachiko, and during the chat, the previous day’s visit to the Public Art Studio was shown on the screen. In addition, the award winners spoke about their production concepts and future prospects in front of the videos of their winning works. The ceremony concluded with a speech by Mr. OTSU Eibin, a member of the jury.

Award Ceremony and Reception

the Grand Prix winners Ms. Kasahara (left) and Ms. Jenny (right)
Jury members Mr. MIYATA Ryohei (left) and Mr. HIBINO Katsuhiko (right)
Jury members Ms. YUZAWA Sachiko (left) and Mr. OTSU Eibin (right)
the Grand Prix winner’s advisor, Associate Professor YAMASHIRO Chikako, Tokyo University of the Arts (left) and Associate Professor Penny HERSCOVITCH, Art Center College of Design (right)
The reception party was a place to communicate and interact for juries, students and their teachers
The work of the award winners and the artwork created at the workshop of Atelier Tour were displayed at the social gathering venue

Atelier Tour
(November 14th, 2023. CREARE Atami-Yugawara Studio)

Commemorative photo

On the day before the award ceremony, the participants took a tour of the CREARE Atami-Yugawara Studio (Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture; 80km south west of Tokyo), where they learned about the production process of public art works such as stained glass and ceramic relief panels. In the morning, participants listened to a lecture on public art, and in the afternoon, they observed the production sites of stained glass and ceramic reliefs, and had a chance to meet Alisa NIKOLAEVA, a trainee at the studio who is working hard on her ceramic works. After that, the students moved to the Creare Art Museum, a multi-purpose facility adjacent to the studio, to work on workshops. They combined colorful glass and ceramic pieces on a plate and completed their artwork in an hour. The artwork was displayed at the reception venue the next day.

Atelier Tour

Participants learned the history of studio and process of their works
Lunch time was the first time in four years for international exchange
Getting a lecture on stained glass manufacturing at the studio
Received an explanation of the ceramic relief created by numbered pieces
Interaction with workshop trainee Alisa NIKOLAEVA
In the workshop, artwork will be created with ceramic plates and antique glass pieces



The 26th International TAKIFUJI Art Award winner

NOGUCHI Shunsuke Painter

Painter NOGUCHI Shunsuke consistently pursues "light". Currently, he is focusing on developing the n

Students who are qualified and recommended by professor

Award Amount

Prize for excellence: 300,000 JPY single installment
Special Jury Prize: 100,000 JPY single installment
International Grand Prize: invited to the award ceremony in Tokyo, Japan

Application Deadline June 14th, 2024
Results Announced Middle of September, 2024
Award Ceremony TBA, in November, 2024

*For more information about this award, please refer to the details on PDF below.

The 45th Scholarship Application Guidelines 2024 (PDF:3.8MB)

How to apply online the International TAKIFUJI Art Award (PDF:450KB)

Takifuji Foundation

About Foundation

Poster of calling for Takifuji Foundation scholars
Poster of calling for Takifuji Foundation scholars

Takifuji Foundation was established in 1968 as an aid program to foster potential in the younger generation. The name of “Takifuji” was taken by the name of TAKI Fujitaro, who is one of the founder. It is available to people working in transportation or traffic related businesses (including tourism) and their family members currently attending university or another form of higher education. Each year around 50 participants are selected and receive financial assistance or full scholarship. Up to 2024, the students who received the scholarship are more than 2,010.

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