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Aomori Airport "To the Deep Blue Forests"

Stained Glass

Stained Glass "To the Deep Blue Forests" / Original Artwork and Supervision by MORIMOTO Chie / Domestic Ticket Lobby, Aomori Airport Terminal Building 1F, Aomori Airport / Installed on February 24, 2021
* The production and installation of this art work was subsidized as a CSR and PR project by the Japan Lottery Association. See Original Painting

Production Scene

Artist's Message

MORIMOTO ChieArt director・Communication director/ Visiting professor of Musashino Art University The blue forest leads from the red soul―
With dyed cheeks, the jumping Aomori dancer's smile makes my heart skip a beat.
With the rhythm, we are led to the scenery of Oirase, the world's most beautiful autumn leaves.
Soon, the scenery changes to a snowy landscape.
The soil, which has been beautifully watered under the surface of the water, begins to prepare for spring.
And then the buds begin to bud, and soon a blue forest is born, and apples like the sun begin to sing.
The drums begin to beat, and the girl who has grown up jumps and heads for the sky.

The red spirit leads from the blue forest―
In the deep blue forest, the dancers begin to dance.
Little by little, colors are born to the rhythm of drums and songs.
The sound dwells in the roots, and the trees grow and become a forest.
We are blessed with apples as red as the sun.
The apples burst like fire and autumn comes.
The water of Oirase is like a mirror, calm and receptive.
The autumn leaves in full bloom fill my heart like the smile of a girl with dyed cheeks.


‘To the Deep Blue Forests’

As a child, I grew up in Misawa City in Aomori Prefecture.
I was with my grandfather, driving around Aomori, and I still remember its wind and colours.

And now, you have arrived here after travelling by air,
via the blue sky to the blue forests of Aomori.
The place where the blue light welcomes you.

In Aomori,
the soul’s passion and nature’s composure
rock beautifully
in the bounty of the four seasons.

Please enjoy this picture from both sides,
as if to follow a story.

With the light that differs by season, weather and time,
the deep blue forests display various expressions.
Travelling in Aomori thus brings something special.

I hope you enjoy the land, the sky and the splendor of Aomori.(MORIMOTO Chie)

Message from Persons Related

Governor of Aomori Prefecture
With the cooperation of the Japan Transportation Culture Foundation, we are pleased to announce the installation of the stained glass artwork "To the Deep Blue Forest" in the Aomori Airport Passenger Terminal Building. The original picture was created and supervised by Ms. Chie Morimoto, a native of Misawa City who is active in many fields as an art director.
We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Morimoto and all the people involved in the creation and installation of this work.
This work is based on Ms. Morimoto's wish "From Blue Sky to Aomori. welcome you with blue light", embodying seasonal things and rich nature such as the Nebuta festival and dancers , red apples like the sun, and the Lake Towada, Oirase, and the Shirakami Mountains. Those are Aomori Prefecture is proud of.

Renovated Aomori Airport has now a more comfortable environment for passengers with terminal building and the addition of two spots on the international boarding bridge. And last yea,r the Aomori-Kobe route was launched.
We hope that this artwork will become a new symbol to welcome many visitors to Aomori from all over Japan and the world, and that Aomori Airport will become a more lively and comfortable place for all visitors.

Director General of JPTCA
TAKI Hisao
A stained glass work "To the Deep Blue Forests," which the original picture and supervison by art director Ms. Chie Morimoto, has been completed at Aomori Airport. I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations.
This work was made possible with the help of many people. First, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Ms. Morimoto for coming to the Creare Atami Yugawara Studio many times to paint and supervise the work. We are also deeply grateful to the Aomori Airport Building for providing a place where many people could see the work, and to the Japan Lottery Association for their support.
The work is based on the colors blue, which symbolizes the forest, sky, and sea of Aomori, and red, which represents the sun, apples, and passion, and depicts the Nebuta Festival, dancers called haneto, kokeshi dolls, Lake Towada, Oirase, Shirakami Sanchi, and other rich Aomori customs and scenery. As a native of Misawa City, I feel that Mr. Morimoto's work reflects her nostalgia for Aomori and her hope for the future. I also believe that the encounter of her design with the material of stained glass has given the work a new life.
For about 50 years, I have been installing art in public spaces with the aim of making them more comfortable by decorating the places with art where people come and go, and this is my 547th work. We hope that this work will become a landmark of Aomori Airport and will be loved by many people."


Original Artwork and SupervisionMORIMOTO Chie PlannerJapan Traffic Culture Association
LocationDomestic Ticket Lobby, Aomori Airport Teminal Builiding 1F Map ProducerCREARE Atami-Yugawara Studio
Installed on February 24, 2021 SponsorJapan Lottery Association
TypeStained Glass News
SizeH2.4m × W11.4m
KeywordsAomori , Aomori Nebuta Matsuri , Nebuta , Haneto , Apple , Autumn leaves , Lake Towada , Oirase , Shirakami Mountains , Kokeshi doll


Original Artwork and SupervisionMORIMOTO Chie
LocationDomestic Ticket Lobby, Aomori Airport Teminal Builiding 1F Map
Installed on February 24, 2021
TypeStained Glass
SizeH2.4m × W11.4m
KeywordsAomori , Aomori Nebuta Matsuri , Nebuta , Haneto , Apple , Autumn leaves , Lake Towada , Oirase , Shirakami Mountains , Kokeshi doll
PlannerJapan Traffic Culture Association
ProducerCREARE Atami-Yugawara Studio
SponsorJapan Lottery Association


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