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Komatsu Airport "Oojishi (Large Lion) Cavorting with Butterflies"

Stained Glass

Stained Glass “Oojishi (Large Lion) Cavorting with Butterflies”
Original picture & supervision by Hiromasa Yonebayashi ©Hiromasa Yonebayashi/STUDIO PONOC
International Departure Lobby on 2nd Floor, Komatsu Airport. Installed on March 22, 2018.
* The production and installation of this art work was subsidized as a CSR and PR project by the Japan Lottery Association.

Production Scene

Artist's Message

Hiromasa YonebayashiAnimation directorThe “Otabi Matsuri” festival is held every May in Komatsu City, Ishikawa
I created the design of this stained glass window based on the festival’s famous “Children’s Kabuki” performed on “Hikiyama” festival floats. You can see the children transformed into splendid kabuki actors acting on the golden lit-up floats, engaging and exciting the audience. In the center is a child in kabuki makeup offstage enjoying a carefree moment. While we often see photographs of children performing kabuki, rarely do we see these children depicted offstage.

Behind the child in the center is the “Shishimai” (Lion Dance) which is performed house-to-house during the festival. It is said that the Lion Dance expresses the “Oojishi” (large lion) cavorting with butterflies. The children performing Kabuki seem to have transformed into butterflies, and the rolling waves of the Sea of Japan depict the audience’s support and cheers for them.

I hope the “Otabi Matsuri” festival will continue to be held each year for generations to come, and that this stained glass window will help travelers visiting Komatsu Airport learn about this wonderful event.

Message from Persons Related

Governor of Ishikawa prefecture
Masanori Tanimoto
With cooperation of the Japan Traffic Culture Association, the stained glass art “Oojishi (Large Lion) Cavorting with Butterflies”, an original work by Mr. Hiromasa Yonebayashi, a leading Japanese animation film director born in Nonoichi-city, is located in the 2F International Departure Lobby in Komatsu Airport.
I deeply appreciate from the bottom of my heart, Mr. Yonebayashi and the people who gave their all to make this installation a reality.
This stained glass art features ‘Hikiyama Kodomo Kabuki (Hikiyama Kids Kabuki)’ of the Otabi Matsuri Festival held every May in Komatsu city. It features a child actor who transforms into a beautiful butterfly to a delighted audience. It will provide an attractive space for people who use the airport and expose Japanese culture to travelers from overseas. Moreover, it will contribute to regional vitalization by attracting animation fans to visit Komatsu.
Komatsu Airport has been working to attract both business and tourism to expand its utilization after the opening of the Kanazawa Station of the Hokuriku Shinkansen line. The domestic flight business such as flights between Haneda and Komatsu have been doing very well. There has also been an increase in international flights using Komatsu Airport and actually recorded its highest level ever in the last year. Recently, the first LCC (low-cost carrier) from Komatsu Airport went into service. Moreover they are working on enhancing their network through the development of new flight routes.
We will continue our efforts to improve as the hub airport on the Japan Sea side. We would greatly appreciate your support and cooperation in this endeavor. (March, 2018)

Director General, Japan Traffic Culture Association
Hisao Taki
The Japan Traffic Culture Association has installed public art works in public spaces such as railway stations, airports, schools and other public facilities in Japan. We believe that increasing the people’s opportunities to come in contact with beautiful and powerful art work will enrich their lives and enhance the charm of the towns that host the art.
46 years have passed since installing our first public art piece, and for our 527th endeavor we asked animation film director, Mr. Hiromasa Yonebayashi, to create an original work and to supervise its installation. It adorns Komatsu Airport and is a splendid stained glass work of art.
“Kodomo Kabuki (Kids’ Kabuki)” in Komatsu city has been performed since the Edo era and is well known for the child actors’ beauty. I believe that the collaboration of the animation world and stained glass art fully depicts those charms.
I deeply appreciate the dedication of Mr. Yonebayashi. I also greatly appreciate the support of the Japan Lottery Association, Hokuriku Air Terminal Building Co., Ltd, and the people who worked so hard to complete this production and installation.
I hope that this stained glass art becomes a landmark, and attracts many fans of “Kodomo Kabuki” from all over Japan and the world to visit and enjoy the unique culture, nature and food of Ishikawa prefecture and the Hokuriku area. I also wish from the bottom of my heart that Komatsu Airport will be a hub airport for this area and will enjoy continued success and growth.


Original Painter and SupervisorHiromasa Yonebayashi PlannerJapan Traffic Culture Association
LocationInternational Departure Lobby on 2nd Floor, Komatsu Airport Map ProducerCREARE Atami-Yugawara Studio
Installed on March 22, 2018 News
TypeStained Glass
SizeH 3.0m × W 7.0m
KeywordsChildren’s Kabuki


Original Painter and SupervisorHiromasa Yonebayashi
LocationInternational Departure Lobby on 2nd Floor, Komatsu Airport Map
Installed on March 22, 2018
TypeStained Glass
SizeH 3.0m × W 7.0m
KeywordsChildren’s Kabuki
PlannerJapan Traffic Culture Association
ProducerCREARE Atami-Yugawara Studio


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