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Yonago Airport "Forest of Yokai-monster"

Stained Glass

Stained Glass "Forest of Yokai-monster" / Original Drawer : Shigeru Mizuki / Lobby on 2nd Floor of Terminal Building, Yonago Airport / Installed on March 8, 2016 See Original Painting

Production Scene

Artist's Message

Shigeru MizukiCatoonistMessage from Ms. Nunoe Mura, who is Mr. Shigeru Mizuki's widow :

I am very pleased that such a splendid stained glass with Yokai-monster has been made at Yonago Kitaro Airport.
From now on, a lot of Yokai-monsters will watch over the safety of everyone's journey.
I think Mizuki is surely pleased also. Thank you very much.


This stained glass was produced based on the original drawing which was reconstructed from the various Yokai-monsters' appearances drawn by Mr. Shigeru Mizuki. It is a new symbol of "Yonago Kitaro Airport" renewed in 2016. Yokai-monsters competing for individuality will talk to many visitors at the airport as a people's exchanging place from the forest of Mr. Mizuki's home.

Message from Persons Related

Governor Tottori Prefecture
Shinji Hirai
Thanks to the cooperation with Japan Traffic Culture Association, we are pleased to announce that the stained glass work "Forest of Yokai-monster" is installed as a public art at the departure lobby of Yonago Kitaro Airport Terminal, based on the original drawing by Mr. Shigeru Mizuki, a world-famous cartoonist boasted by Tottori Prefecture. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mizuki Production and other related stakeholders for their efforts in producing the stained glass.
Mr. Shigeru Mizuki, who went to heaven on November 30 last year, sent out catoons with Yokai-monsters as their motif, and loved by people all over the world. Mourning his death, I am determined to inherit and develop his virtues as Tottori Prefecture, our hometown.
In April 2010, "Yonago Kitaro Airport" with the name of a yokai-monster was born (there are no other cases like this globally), and the yokai-monsters who are Kitaro family has been greeting in the airport, so not only the flight users but also the tourists are enjoying them.
As a new symbol of Yonago Kitaro Airport which opens after renewal this time, "Forest of Yokai-monster" has been installed. Yokai-monsters competing for individuality will talk to many visitors from the forest at the hometown that Mr. Mizuki loved, in the airport, which is a place of people's exchange. I hope that everyone from all over the world will be fascinated by the beautiful stained glass art.
Yonago Kitaro Airport is going to develop further as a gateway to Sanin sky, because All Nippon Airways will increase the number of Tokyo flights to seven, Asiana flights connecting with Seoul, Korea will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the service, and Hong Kong Airlines is expected to be in service. We are happy if you enjoy Mr. Mizuki's work world widely by renewal of airport terminal along with version upgrade of Mizuki Shigeru Road.
Please enjoy Sanin with rich nature loved by yokai-monsters and with warm humanity.

Director General, Japan Traffic Culture Association
Hisao Taki
Since its establishment in 1948, Japan Traffic Culture Association has been actively engaged in promoting art and culture. The main pillars of our projects are the exhibition project represented by "Traffic Culture Exhibition", the scholarship projects represented by "Takifuji Foundation" and "International Takifuji Art Award", and the promotion of public art.
The thought that is the basis of our projects is the next sentence that Herbert Read left in his book "The Meaning of Art".
"Now what we are missing is not artists, but masses. Not art-conscious masses, but unconsciously artistic masses"
We continue our projects with the hope that arts installed in public spaces will help to realize a social environment in which everyone unconsciously touches arts with relaxation and moisture.
This stained glass work completed at Yonago Kitaro Airport is the 513th work since our association started full scale public art project. I deeply appreciate Mr. Shigeru Mizuki and the many of you who cooperated with this work at Yonago Kitaro Airport, and thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation in our efforts including spread of public arts.

Takao Yaguchi
[ Mr. Mizuki, thank you very much! ]
Here Yonago Airport is familiar with the nickname of "Kitaro Airport". The origin of the nickname is homage to the national character "Gegege no Kitaro" created by Mr. Shigeru Mizuki, a catoonist born in Sakaiminato, Tottori Prefecture.
Many Yokai-monsters Mr. Mizuki created were scattered on the stained glass and welcomes many travelers at Yonago Kitaro Airport this time. It has become an airport with full of Mizuki World such as an unique nickname of the airport and installation of the public art with stained glass.
500 public arts have been installed in all over the country through advocacy of Japan Traffic Culture Association. Most of them have been occupied with works by prominent painters and artists. However, Mr. Mizuki joined them with a new genre called "Manga", which is a big achievement, and I, as a same trade, feel like crying out great applause.
It is off the subject, but I was born in the mountains of Akita, and was a boy who longed for "catoonist" from the time of a brat. However, "art is long and life is short", and I became a bank clerk in the hometown after graduating from high school, and my age was about to reach thirty when I noticed.
The first time I met Mr. Mizuki at his atelier was a summer day. Although I felt age-related anxiety and hesitation as a social worker, I coud not give up my dream at my boy's days. Mr. Mizuki told me casually, "Hey you, the happiest thing for human beings is to persist in what you like. Your paintings are good. Be confident."
By this words, I decided to resign the bank. This is the 45th year for me as a catoonist. If I had not met Mr. Mizuki, I would not have had such a development in my life afterwards. Mr. Mizuki, thank you very much ...... !!


Original DrawerShigeru Mizuki PlannerJapan Traffic Culture Association
LocationLobby on 2nd Floor of Terminal Building, Yonago Airport Map ProducerCREARE Atami-Yugawara Studio
Installed on March 8, 2016 NewsYokai-monster of the late Mr Mizuki, manga artist, Gathered at Yonago-Kitaro Airport
TypeStained Glass
Size10.2m × 2.8m


Original DrawerShigeru Mizuki
LocationLobby on 2nd Floor of Terminal Building, Yonago Airport Map
Installed on March 8, 2016
TypeStained Glass
Size10.2m × 2.8m
PlannerJapan Traffic Culture Association
ProducerCREARE Atami-Yugawara Studio
NewsYokai-monster of the late Mr Mizuki, manga artist, Gathered at Yonago-Kitaro Airport


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