(Currently not exhibited) "Happy Gate"


Monument "Happy Gate" / Artist : Takamichi Ito / Installed on April, 1983

Artist's Message

Takamichi ItoSculptorThis is a rainbow-shaped sculpture. It is also a monument expressing a bridge, and a small building as a gate to be passed through. It can also be said that it is a illumination with small light, a welcoming arch for people who visit this area, and a part of relief when considering the relationship with the background wall.
The reason why I wanted to include all of those functions and objectives in this shaping is that people who use this space or pass through it touch this space or this shaping with different consciousness and purposes.
I wanted each person to get involved in this work with their own interpretation, and to associate it with his or her own consciousness and purpose.
For those who go on a trip, it may be a cover at the beginning of the journey, and for those who come home, a nostalgic gate, and for those who meet somebody, a bridge over the rainbow, and for those who won, a triumphal gate.
Anyway, I did not prepare a form as a strong word to talk to people in this shaping, and wanted to expect people to make words respectively in the simple form.
This twelve lines may be one white line to start something from now for people living there or getting involved as well as for Osaka, or may be one thin tape of goal for them. I hope that this 12 lines are also ruled lines for people's wonderful dramas, as if there is a big drama on one line.


ArtistTakamichi Ito PlannerJapan Traffic Culture Association
Location(Currently not exhibited) Map ProducerTakamichi Ito
Installed on April, 1983 News
SizeH 4.4m × W 7.0m × Φ 0.8m (arched shape)


ArtistTakamichi Ito
Location(Currently not exhibited) Map
Installed on April, 1983
SizeH 4.4m × W 7.0m × Φ 0.8m (arched shape)
PlannerJapan Traffic Culture Association
ProducerTakamichi Ito


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