Fujisawa Station "Shonan Anthem"

Ceramic Relief

Ceramic Relief"Shonan Anthem" Original Painter and Supervisor:Louis FRANSEN
Front of the Ticket Gate (outside), JR Fujisawa Station June, 1980Installation See Original Painting

Production Scene

Artist's Message

Louis FRANSENPublic Art Artist (Mural, Stained Glass, etc.)In making this ceramic relief, I did some new trials. The most important thing among them is to respect the identity as a pottery. I did not adopt the way that first I made an original painting as a planar world and then translated it in three dimensions, but adopted that I created a painting from the standpoint of producing a ceramic relief from the beginning. The desire to create an innovative work that fully utilized the world's highest standard of pottery technology was burning in my mind from the beginning of the planning stage.
Another important trial is to introduce popular and traditional pottery technology raised in Japan from of old to this public art. Although pottery making itself is introduced from the East and there are some representative ones in Europe, there is nothing like a brazier or a bowl. I see a rich world that is not a decorative one in such everyday things. It is the world which even Japanese are sadly trying to forget, and there are few technicians. It is very regrettable. Through this work I wanted to rediscover the merit of Japanese pottery with popular taste.
Another thing that I pride myself as being creative is that we recreated the very special technique found in ancient Babylonian mural paintings. It is expressed in the dress worn by the person in this work. I tried to express Fujisawa's scenery - sailing, fireworks, Enoshima, Yugyo-ji as motifs, and a woman who got a hint from Hiroshige prints is not concrete but strives to summarize as a picture abstractly. did. It is a tapestry of baked goods as a whole. I think this is my first attempt in Japan.
Fujisawa station seems to be a station used by young people going to Shonan, but I believe that it succeeded also in terms of the dynamic composition, powerful appeal, in terms of powerful appeal to young people.
"What we are missing is not an artist - the masses - not massively conscious artists - unconsciously an artistic masses"
The Japan Transportation Culture Association, which promoted the planning of this work, is making great efforts to expand and raise public art using this word as a flag. Indeed, in developed countries such as Europe and America where I was born, sculptures and mural paintings are always set aside for public buildings and become symbols. In that respect Japan often learns from other countries still more. However, from the idea that the station is a public square like the Fujisawa station, it is very meaningful to set the art for the masses there, give a human warmth and advance the beautification of the station there I think that. I also expect that such a movement will spread nationwide as one of the mural artists.
Finally, we gratefully appreciated the Nippon Transport Cultural Association for the cooperation of the National Railways Authority, in addition to providing us with space for public mural painting.


This work is enlightened by ancient Babylonian glazed brick wall paintings. Its features are manifested in green glaze spreading on the walls, clothes patterns of sunlighting persons, joints of ceramic boards split like blocks. Shonan scenery such as seaside people, yachts, fireworks and so on is expressed like a ceramic tapestry.
The ceramic material is an excellent material suitable for the climate of Japan. In Japan it is possible to see the rich world in daily pottery like a bowl and a brazier. We produced it as a mural painting by positively incorporating the world of traditional Japanese "pottery = glaze" .

Message from Persons Related

Dean of Fine Art Faculty, Tokyo University of the Arts, Architect, Doctor (Engineering)
Kiyoshi Seike
When Japan Traffic Culture Association consulted with Tokyo University of the Arts about the mural painting at Kyoto station previously, I asked Ms. Louis who stayed just as a visiting professor at Tokyo University of the Arts to produce a mural painting with ceramic plates. At the improvement work of Fujisawa station, I asked him to produce a wall painting with the ceramic plates once again.
Mr. Louis came to the art college teaching the technique of the stained glass, but liked the production of ceramic murals of the same ceramic material, developed an excellent technique suited to the climate of Japan. As expected it may be said that it is a master.
As for transferring to Mr. Louis' painting as a separate paper, a plan to connect such architecture and art is a plan which we would like to continue in the future. I would like you to be obliged to pretend all the buildings as fine art, if possible, but I'm happy with the idea of ​​decorating the station buildings that are likely to be berserk with artworks and letting the passers-by person go wrong.
Speaking of the mural paintings of the station building, remember the mural painting by Jules Guerin that was in Pennsylvania Station (New York). About 15 years ago, this station building was torn down because economic efficiency got worse. How many people including me used this station, it would have healed the trip of this trip to this picture.
Professor Rui's mural is comparable to this Guerlain mural. It is a must have tens of thousands of years of durability if you can save even more. But maybe the lifespan of the station building is shorter. Even the most respectable penstation in the United States had a lifespan of 60 years.
Also, this is also New York's story, but recently a sculpture by a certain bank has been torn down because it is dangerous if it falls. There are many citizens who are not interested in arts and culture like New York. However, this splendid mural of Fujisawa station is completed with the efforts of people who have refreshed and renewed Fujisawa citizen and Fujisawa station, so there will be no way like this the end of arts in New York.
I am afraid to tell you that it is not an auspicious thing, but the art piece is not the power of the author alone, but the power of the general supporters who support that art piece is necessary, and if that support is lost The same thing as this New York situation can happen. I want to pray for this picture that there is no such thing. I pray for your love and art understanding also for Mr. Louis who came to Japan from a foreign country and created this masterpiece for this Fujisawa citizen.

Fujisawa City Mayor
Shun Hayama
On this occasion I would like to give a celebration from the bottom of my heart on completion of the ceramic relief based on "Fujisawa, green and sun and sea breeze town", which is the theme of Fujisawa city, in Fujisawa station.
In Fujisawa city, we have been working on redevelopment in front of Fujisawa station for 10 years, aiming to create a city familiar to the citizens. It is a great pleasure that citizen's transportation has been further improved by the completion of the building over the bridge at JNR Fujisawa station which is the center of the city and is a base of commutation. It will be proud for the citizens that the wonderful mural expressing the history and climate of Fujisawa city in the station whic citizens are using everyday completed. From the mural paintings at Horyuji and Koyasan to the mural at the house of the sun in Fujisawa city, mural paintings are in a unique position in art since ancient times, but here is the scent of the art that Louis Fransen's hand is at hand I am hoping that this work will be widely known all over the country and will make a great contribution to tourism PR in Fujisawa city.
The title is scheduled to be publicly invited and I am also a judge, I sincerely wish that this public art will be familiar for a long time, so that the powerful work appropriate for the style of this work can be gathered, and with that title.


Original Painter and SupervisorLouis FRANSEN PlannerTokyo South Railway Administration Office, Japan National Railway, Japan Traffic Culture Association
LocationFront of the Ticket Gate (outside), JR Fujisawa Station Map News
Installed on June, 1980
TypeCeramic Relief
Size2.5m × 11.5m
KeywordsYacht , Fireworks , Enoshima , Yugyo-ji Temple , Female


Original Painter and SupervisorLouis FRANSEN
LocationFront of the Ticket Gate (outside), JR Fujisawa Station Map
Installed on June, 1980
TypeCeramic Relief
Size2.5m × 11.5m
KeywordsYacht , Fireworks , Enoshima , Yugyo-ji Temple , Female
PlannerTokyo South Railway Administration Office, Japan National Railway, Japan Traffic Culture Association


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