TOP arrow News: 70th Traffic Culture Exhibition 2023
Held from October 20th to 25th

The “Exhibition at the Station”
takes place at JR Ueno Station every year

The photographs and haiku which were judged the best are exhibited.

交通総合文化展2023 ポスター

The Traffic Culture Exhibition is held at JR Ueno Station from October 20th to 25th 2023 and is organized by The Japan Traffic Culture Association. The exhibition is located JR Ueno Station Central Exit, Grand Concourse, Special Exhibition Site. The exhibition includes photographs and haikus submitted from all over Japan that have been judged the very best.
This year’s exhibition will also feature works by the artists of the SAKURYOKAI, a group of representative artists drawing from Western painting to traditional Japanese painting, as well calligraphy.
In the public art promotion corner, we presents 51 years of the Association’s public art promotion activities and the “1% for Art” initiative.
And in keeping with our aim to promote public art, we invited HONGO Yoshiya, a sculptor, to create an artwork for this event. He won the 27th International TAKIFUJI Art Award in 2006 sponsored by our Association. You can enjoy his artwork made by stained glass put on the center of the site.


Date: October 20th (Fri.)-25th (Wed.), 2023
Opening hours: 9:00a.m. – 7:00p.m.
Place: JR Ueno Station Central Exit, Grand Concourse, Special Exhibition Site
Admission: Free

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