TOP arrow News: First viewing at Komatsu Airport of animation film director Mr. Yonebayashi’s Public Art

A combination of animation and stained glass

It features the “Kodomo Kabuki (Kids’ Kabuki) and contributes to attracting visitors and introducing Japanese culture

Oojishi (Large Lion) Cavorting with Butterflies
Oojishi (Large Lion) Cavorting with Butterflies
Stained Glass “Oojishi (Large Lion) Cavorting with Butterflies”
Original picture & supervision by Hiromasa Yonebayashi ©Hiromasa Yonebayashi/STUDIO PONOC

On March 22nd, the stained glass artwork, “Oojishi (Large Lion) Cavorting with Butterflies,” was displayed in public at the 2F International Departure Lobby at Komatsu Airport.
The stained glass artwork which is three meters in height and seven meters in width features the “Kodomo Kabuki (Kids Kabuki)” of the Otabi Matsuri Festival held every May in Komatsu city. It is an original work and its production was supervised by Mr. Hiromasa Yonebayashi, a leading Japanese animation film director born in Nonoichi-city.
It features a child actor in full makeup waving her hands with the ’Shishi mai (Lion dance)’ character on her right. The Shishi mai traditionally visits each household during the Otabi Matsuri festival. The artwork also features child actors looking serious and dignified and adults cheering them on with the waves of the Japan Sea in the background.

At the unveiling ceremony, Mr. Yonebayashi, an influential member of Studio Ghibli, was deeply moved and said “I am very proud that my stained glass artwork is installed in my hometown. I hope this beautiful festival will continue to thrive over the generations. It would be my great joy if people around the world get to know the culture of Komatsu through this artwork.”
Now there are two flights a week between Komatsu Airport and Taipei. Many tourists from Taiwan use Komatsu Airport. Mr. Masanori Tanimatsu, Governor of Ishikawa prefecture, sparked laughter with his speech when he said, “Let’s name the girl in this artwork ‘Komatchan.’ And I hope many tourists come from Taiwan to visit Komatchan.”

The Japan Traffic Culture Association has installed public art all over Japan under our motto ‘Public places are to be fertile places for people.’ This, our 527th public art installation, was made possible through subsidies as a CSR and PR project by the Japan Lottery Association.

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