TOP arrow News: “Captain Tsubasa: Spread Your Wings Around the World” in Urawa-Misono Station

A landmark to attract people
to ‘Saitama Stadium 2002’

A stained glass artwork depicting 99 soccer players and famous scenes
from “Captain Tsubasa”

Stained glass
Stained glass
Stained glass “Captain Tsubasa: Spread Your Wings Around the World”  ©Yoichi Takahashi/SHUEISHA Inc.

The stained glass artwork “Captain Tsubasa: Spread Your Wings Around the World” was formally displayed at Urawa-Misono station on March 11, 2018. This stained glass artwork was originally conceived by and its creation supervised by Mr. Youichi Takahashi, a comic artist, and it was the 526th public artwork sponsored by us, the Japan Traffic Culture Association.
The comic “Captain Tsubasa”, is a series of comics highlighting the joy and excitement of the game of soccer. It has been a popular TV animation show for boys and girls both in Japan and around the world. Mr. Takahashi drew the original pictures of the 99 players and the famous “Captain Tsubasa” scenes and supervised the construction of this twenty meters wide stained glass artwork filled with the charms of the comic.
Mr. Takahashi, the Japan Football Association President, Mr. Kohzo Tashima, the Japan Professional Football League Chairman, Mr. Mitsuru Murai and local high school football players and kindergarten children attended the unveiling ceremony. It was a cheerful and upbeat ceremony.

The production and installation of this artwork was subsidized as a CSR and PR project by the Japan Lottery Association, planned and promoted by the Japan Traffic Culture Association and produced by CREARE Atami-Yugawara Studio. We hope this artwork will be a beautiful beacon that attracts people to “The Saitama Stadium 2002” and a symbol of the area for a long time to come.

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