TOP arrow News: Stained glass “Flower Country (Hana no Sato)” coloring the gateway of Izu

Installed at Atami station square renewed in celebration of 91st anniversary of its opening

Red and white plum blossoms, drawn by Reiji Hiramatsu, Japanese painter, blooming here and there under the light of the sun

“Flower Country (Hana no Sato)” shining through the light of the sun
“Flower Country (Hana no Sato)” shining through the light of the sun
Left: Sakae Saito, Mayor of Atami, Reiji Hiramatsu, Hisao Taki, Director General of JPTCA (from left)
Right: “Flower Country (Hana no Sato)” shining through the light of the sun

 The unveiling ceremony for the completion of the stained glass work installed at the Atami station square in JR Atami station was held on the morning of November 25. This stained glass was planned by the Japan Traffic Culture Association (JPTCA), and produced by“CREARE Atami-Yugawara Studio” (in Izumi, Atami City.) Its original painting was drawn by Mr. Reiji Hiramatsu, a Japanese painter.

Many stakeholders who cooperated in production of this stained glass attended this ceremony. Sakae Saito, Mayor of Atami, said “The original painting by Mr. Hiramatsu is decorating the first floor of the city hall and it’s fairly wonderful. I am looking forward to seeing its stained glass work.” When Reiji Hiramatsu, Sakae Saito, Tomoko Miyahara, Stationmaster of Atami Station and Hisao Taki draw a rope of red and white, the curtain that covered the canopy in front of the station square was took off, and the stained glass shining under morning sun appeared. The name of the work is “Flower Country (Hana no Sato).” Over 1,000 red and white plum blossoms emerge on a blue river and a golden background deformed. As you may know, Atami is a famous spot of plum blossoms.

Mr. Hiramatsu said, “I made it with the hope that such beautiful flowers bloom in the hearts of Japanese and foreigners who visit here.” Since made by Mr. Hiramatsu, a self-appointed “Successor of Korin Ogata”, the work is fully colorful and fascinating, and welcomes people at just out of the ticket gate of Atami station.

This stained glass work was donated to Atami City, and Saito gave a letter of appreciation to Taki before the ceremony. This year marks the 91st year since Atami station was made. A new station building opened this day also.

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