INUDO Tsugio


INUDO Tsugio  


Born in Isa city (former Ookuchi city), Kagoshima prefecture in 1922.
His feature is free and vigorous style which has been cultivated in the southern country with the sun and green, and his works, whose screens shine brilliantly and colors (called "Inudo colors") gush like fountains, have gotten great reputations.
He is working as a key role in developing juniors as well as production activities, and is one of the precious artists representing Kagoshima.
Kagoshima prefectural citizens' prize, Southern Japan Cultural Awards, Local Cultural Merit at Commendation of Minister of Education、Culture and Science, etc. were given to his art works and his contributions for art education promotion, etc. Passed away in 2018.

This Artist's Public Art Works

Stained Glass
February 9, 2015
Kagoshima Airport


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