International Exchange Promotion Program

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International Exchange Promotion Program

International exchange through culture and art

The International TAKIFUJI Art Award Exchange between japanese and foreign award winners

Japanese and overseas students who got the International TAKIFUJI Art Award, along with the instructors and the universities staffs, visit Atelier Creare Atami Yugawara a day before the Art Award Ceremony. This Atelier creates the stained glass and the ceramic relief’s artworks and after visit, they are invited to workshop. And during the Art Award Ceremony and reception as well they interact each other.
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The Traffic Culture Exhibition Promotion to the foreign visitors

During Traffic Culture Exhibition in the grand concourse of the out side of the Ueno station, we exhibit photographs and haiku (japanese poems) that publicly solicited throughout Japan. Through this ehxibition, we introduce Japanese culture, scenic spots, customs, and nature to foreign visitors. In one corner of the exhibition hall, we promote the public art that we install all over japan.
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Sponsorship of the International Amateur Pair Go Championship

We co-sponsor the International Amateur Pair Go Championship, with the Japan Pair Go Association, in which players from all over the world participate. Through the Championship, we let them to know the JPTCA’s activities.
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Provide learning opportunities for international students and other young artists

The Japan Traffic Culture Association (JPTCA) introduces young foreign artists who want to learn Japanese pottery making techniques to the Creare Atami Yugawara Studio (Izumi, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, situated 80 km south west of Tokyo), with which we have a close relationship. Maria Silchenko, a Ukrainian, was one of the such artists.

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Ms. Silchenko, a Ukrainian, studies painting and sculpture at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris. She was in Tokyo for six months starting in the fall of 2018 on an exchange program with Tokyo University of the Arts to learn pottery making. During the International TAKIFUJI Art Award ceremony in November, she was invited by an acquaintance to attend the reception after the award ceremony and made a connection with the association.
She had to return to Paris after finishing her studies in March 2019, but she asked us if she could study at the Creare Atami Yugawara studio, saying that she could not learn pottery making techniques satisfactorily at Tokyo University of the Arts. The association asked the studio and received a reply that they would be willing to offer a corner of their studio.

Thus, for about three months from February to May of 2019, Ms. Silchenko stayed at the dormitory next to the studio and learned the technique of pottery-making. The studio is located in a green area near Okuyugawara, famous for its hot springs, so we were a little worried that she would feel lonely, but there was no need to worry. Sometimes she walked about 30 minutes from the studio to the beach to do sketches and look at the sea. “I want to stay in this wonderful environment place for a long time. I can create a variety of works here.”

Atsuo Suzumura, who is in charge of glazes at the studio, proposed to hold a joint exhibition with him and with two other young female staff in charge of ceramic. The exhibition was held at the historic Kiunkaku in Atami City for about three weeks from the end of April, and many people visited to see the works.
In early May, Ms. Silchenko returned to France to renew her residence permit, but she occasionally contacts the association by e-mail, saying that she would like to continue her studies in pottery making and will visit Japan again when the time is right. In Paris, she also held several times the exhibitions of the works produced in the studio.

Our association will continue to play a part in international exchange through culture.

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