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Photography SectionNew Japan Tourism Photopgrahy

  • The Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award<br>“Galloping Wisteria Blossoms” KAWASAKI NarutoThe Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award
    “Galloping Wisteria Blossoms” KAWASAKI Naruto
    Comment by SHIMIZU Tetsuro : From an exquisite shooting spot, this photographer caught the very moment of this acrobatic horseback riding skill ritual, which is to dash through the enemy ground pretending as if the rider was shot by an arrow. The rider’s balance with his toes just stretching up is beautiful. Viewers will also notice the folding fan with the rising sun motif, which the rider will catch in the next moment. The photographer’s use of the compression effect of telephoto lenses successfully captured the background audience, the bustle at the festival and the tense look of the rider.
  • The Minister of the Environment Award<br>“Throbbing Pulse of Life in the Sea” TANIGUCHI TsuneoThe Minister of the Environment Award
    “Throbbing Pulse of Life in the Sea” TANIGUCHI Tsuneo
    Comment by SHIMIZU Tetsuro :Amami Oshima was registered as a World Natural Heritage Site in 2021. As I looked at this photo, I rediscovered how biodiverse the seas are as well. In this highly transparent blue sea swims a school of small fish, while a red grouper stays above a coral root. Encountering this magnificent scenery, I guess the photographer approached quietly holding his breath and then successfully captured the scene to produce this gorgeous picture employing the best use of fisheye lens and strobe lightning.
  • The Kyushu Railway Company President Award<br>“A Great Leap Forwardl” NAGASAKI MinatoThe Kyushu Railway Company President Award
    “A Great Leap Forwardl” NAGASAKI Minato
    Comment by SHIMIZU Tetsuro : Usually, we rarely get a chance to see ocean transportation. In addition, this photo selected the N700S “KAMOME (Seagull)” Nishi Kyushu bullet trains as its subject which is scheduled to be launched on September 23, 2022. As soon as this photo was I hear that a photography tour is planed to the region. Looking at this photo, various thoughts of local people came to mind and I was deeply moved. The impressive sky and the title of this picture may open a new gate to the future development of the region.
  • The Japan Travel and Tourism Association Chairman Award<br>“An Endangered Species Finds Refuge” OKUBO TatsuroThe Japan Travel and Tourism Association Chairman Award
    “An Endangered Species Finds Refuge” OKUBO Tatsuro
    Comment by SHIMIZU Tetsuro :Black-faced Spoonbill, which belongs to the Pelecaniformes Threskiornithidae family, is an endangered species living mainly in East Asia. In Japan, Kyushu and Okinawa are their main wintering places, but they were also confirmed in Yamaguchi prefecture. By shooting the picture of a large flock resting on a tidal plain during sunrise, the photographer successfully depicted the entire atmosphere of their habitat.
  • First Place<br>“Musical Notes in the Sky” ISHII YoshiakiFirst PlaceISHII Yoshiaki
  • First Place<br>“Spring Has Come to Satoyama” YOSHIDA MasahiroFirst PlaceYOSHIDA Masahiro
  • Second Place<br>“Sleepless Tokaido” SATO YoshikiSecond PlaceSATO Yoshiki
  • Second Place<br>“A Railway Station in the Woods” HASEGAWA TsuyoshiSecond PlaceHASEGAWA Tsuyoshi
  • Second Place<br>“Summer in Okinawa” DU JINGSecond PlaceDU JING
  • Third Place<br>“I Am on Holiday Too” TAKAGI MikaThird PlaceTAKAGI Mika
  • Third Place<br>“Fireworks Reflected on Rice Terraces” TAKAMURE JunichiThird PlaceTAKAMURE Junichi
  • Third Place<br>“Train Passing through the Bekanbeushi Wetlands in Extreme Coldness” IGARASHI MasakiThird PlaceIGARASHI Masaki
  • Third Place<br>“Traditional Lion Dancing and Drumming” FUJISHIMA JunshichiThird PlaceFUJISHIMA Junshichi
  • U-22 Award<br>“Twilight Shadow” NITTA RyuichiU-22 AwardNITTA Ryuichi
  • Winner<br>“Rafting” TAKAHASHI MasamiWinnerTAKAHASHI Masami
  • Winner<br>“Welcome to Okuizumo Town!”(Where the Iron Giraffe Watching Over) ENDO TsutomuWinnerENDO Tsutomu
  • Winner<br>“The World of Golden Autumnal Color” ENDO SatoshiWinnerENDO Satoshi
  • Winner<br>“A Tour of the Olympic Stadium” TAKASHIMA SatoshiWinnerTAKASHIMA Satoshi
  • Winner<br>“Shimmering Landing Lights” YAMAMORI KeikoWinnerYAMAMORI Keiko
  • Winner<br>“Communion” ITO RyoichiWinnerITO Ryoichi
  • Winner<br>“Anpanman Train Has Come!” ONISHI HiroyukiWinnerONISHI Hiroyuki
  • Winner<br>“Sanaburi Season Gratitude to Nature” SHIMIZU YasuhiroWinnerSHIMIZU Yasuhiro
  • Winner<br>“Trains Runninng Over the Waterfalls in the Dusk” HORIUCHI IsamuWinnerHORIUCHI Isamu
  • Winner<br&gt“Rainbow Tunnel” TAIRA NaoharuWinnerTAIRA Naoharu
  • Winner<br>“Running alongside the Teshiogawa River” SASAKI YasunariWinnerSASAKI Yasunari
  • Winner<br>“Sarutahiko God Walking Across Flames” YAMASHITA KazunariWinnerYAMASHITA Kazunari
  • Winner<br>“Heavenly Nap at an Onsen” INUKAI AsukaWinnerINUKAI Asuka
  • Winner<br>“Exorcism in Snowy Country” ONODERA MitsuhikoWinnerONODERA Mitsuhiko
  • Winner<br>“Train Stuck in a Snowstorm” MURAKAMI YoshiakiWinnerMURAKAMI Yoshiaki
  • Winner<br>“Koumi Line Trains Challenging the Mountain Pass” YAMAOKA NobuhikoWinnerYAMAOKA Nobuhiko
  • Winner<br>“Erecting the Onbashira Pillars: Keep It Up!” KUSANOBU YoshimasaWinnerKUSANOBU Yoshimasa

Haiku Section

Japan Traffic Culture Association Chairman Award [enjoying freedom
savoring peace
a summer trip]
OBATA Ritsuko
Comment by HASEGAWA Kai : Russia invaded Ukraine in the spring of this year. When I see the devastation, I am deeply grateful for freedom and peace. This is true even more if you go on a trip.
First Place [summer vacation
an unknown world
in the train window]
Comment by HASEGAWA Kai :Scenery seen for the first time through a train window. We are excited about encountering the unknown world during the summer holidays. There were many applications from Saitama Prefectural Sakado Deaf Academy.
Second Place [rape flowers
blooming, blooming
the local line]
Third Place [a straw hat
on the baggage rack
heading for my hometown]
[blazing sun—
the rails are lost
in deep thought ]
[a chapter finished—
the window
of summer]
Winner [a trip taken after a long time
the mackerel sky
after a long time]
[on my back
looking at spring sideways
I return home]
[buying a ticket
already I’m a traveler
in summer]
[a food shopping train
on a long-remembered day . . .
cumulonimbus clouds]
[rails buried
under summer grasses
time stops]
[around the abandoned line
sunflowers bloom
in profusion]
[my hometown station
in smoke
from a burning field]
[wiping sweat from a child
resting his head on my lap
the local line]
[a station
after summer holidays
the silence]
[a cow moos
summer freight trains
through the prairie]
Display of higher ranking awards of haiku


List of the artists who participated at SAKURYOKAI 2022

Japanese Painting

  • ISHIODORI Tatsuya
  • UTOO Sei
  • OYA Nori
  • OSHIMOTO Kazutoshi
  • KAWASAKI Asako
  • KAWASAKI Suzuhiko
  • NAKAJIMA Chinami
  • NOJI Mikiko
  • MIYASAKO Masaaki
  • WATANABE Nobuyoshi

Western Painting

  • OTSU Eibin
  • OKUTANI Hiroshi
  • SANO Nui
  • NAKAYAMA Tadahiko
  • NOMIYAMA Gyoji
  • Brian WILLIAMS


  • ISHIGE Keido
  • TAKAGI Seiu

(Titles are omitted. By section, Japanese syllabary order. As of October 2022)

You can appreciate the works of celebrated artists at your leisure.

In 2022, 23 leading Japanese artists of painting and calligraphy belong to SAKURYOKAI, a group formed by our association, displayed their works at the venue. 12 artists exhibited their work in Japanese painting, including Mr. KAWASAKI Suzuhiko, 9 artists in Western painting, including Mr. NOMIYAMA Gyoji, and Mr. ISHIGE Keido and Mr. TAKAGI Seiu both in calligraphy.

Promotion of Public Art Special Exhibition

Representative works of public art installed by the Association over the past 50 years

This section presented our initiatives to create a richer environment by installing artworks in public places such as railways stations and airports. In 2022, To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Association’s first public art promotion and dissemination activities in 2022, 50 representative works were exhibited in each region. In addition, the stained glass work “ZOMEKI -The Two-Beat Rhythm Forever-,” the 550th work supervised by manga artist TAKEMIYA Keiko at Tokushima Awa Odori Airport, was reproduced at 1/5 size and displayed. Other exhibits included an introduction to the “1% for Art” legalization initiative promoted by the Association.

Stained glass work “ZOMEKI -The Two‐Beat Rhythm Forever-” at Tokushima Awa Odori Airport, displayed at 1/5 scale.
Expert comments on “1% for Art” and “Public Art” and the Association’s efforts

Public Art Exhibition by invited artists

“transform _ flat surface” KOMI Taku

transform _ flat surface KOMI Taku
“transform _ flat surface” KOMI Taku

Movable stained glass work with antique glass

Sculptor KOMI Taku is the 37th recipient of the International TAKIFUJI Art Award and has worked mainly in stone. He broke new ground by creating his first stained glass work as an invited artist for the Traffic Culture Exhibition 2022.

KOMI Taku Biography
2013 Graduated from National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College
2013 Entered Musashino Art University
2016 Awarded the 37th International TAKIFUJI Art Award for Excellence
2017 Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Sculpture
2019 Completed Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Sculpture
Held many solo exhibitions at Iriya Gallery and Gallery Hinoki.
Currently working as a staff member of Musashino Art University Ichigaya Campus while continuing his artistic activities.

The darker the venue, the more vivid the reflection
The darker the venue, the more vivid the reflection

Patterns left on the glass surface are reflected on the wall behind
Patterns left on the glass surface are reflected on the wall behind
Arm extending from the wall can be moved to various angles
Arm extending from the wall can be moved to various angles


  • The section of Haiku
  • The space for ‘SAKURYOKAI’
  • Promotion of Public Art Special Exhibition space
  • Promotion of Public Art Special Exhibition and Public Art Works by Invited Artists

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