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Photography SectionNew Japan Tourism Photopgrahy

  • The Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award<br>“My Favourite Home Town” MASUDA SyunjiThe Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award
    “My Favourite Home Town” MASUDA Syunji
    Comment by SHIMIZU Tetsuro : This photograph captures the healthy exuberance of the rice farmer’s family holding a few stalks of ripe golden rice. Their big smiles are infectious to me. The photographer must have a narrative skill and established a rapport with the young family in how they express their joy. I think the charm of the land can be conveyed through the people who live there. This may be the origin of tourism.
  • The Minister of the Environment Award<br>“Izunuma Lake Dyed in Red” ENDO YoshioThe Minister of the Environment Award
    “Izunuma Lake Dyed in Red” ENDO Yoshio
    Comment by SHIMIZU Tetsuro : Izunuma and Uchinuma Lakes in Miyagi Prefecture are the second Ramsar-designated sanctuary wetland in Japan. This photograph captures a scene in the middle of winter when in the early morning tens of thousands of white-fronted geese took off all at once. No matter how many times I look at the sight, I am never tired of. Catching the exact moment when all these huge flocks of birds took off heading towards the viewer under this glow of the sunrise in the sky with these forms of clouds is rare. The photographer captured this rare chance and created this masterpiece
  • The Kyushu Railway Company President Award<br>“Flower Tunnel” KASHIMA KazuoThe Kyushu Railway Company President Award
    “Flower Tunnel” KASHIMA Kazuo
    Comment by SHIMIZU Tetsuro : The photograph captures the scenery of Bungo-Nakagawa Station in spring surrounded by a variety of flowers and blossoms all blooming in profusion as the limited express “Yufuin no Mori” is just arriving. What an ideal way of co-starring with each other! The train is just one of the features of this photo, but due to the vertical composition, the photographer was so successful in showing the presence of the train stronger than blossoms. Inclusion of the station and a man is adding lingering effects to this picture.
  • The Japan Travel and Tourism Association Chairman Award<br>“Sunrise” Dan SCHOLLThe Japan Travel and Tourism Association Chairman Award
    “Sunrise” Dan SCHOLL
    Comment by SHIMIZU Tetsuro : It must have been a very cold morning. When the cold air hit the warmer water of the lake, a mist develops. The photograph is shot against the early morning sunlight that accentuates the mist and the shimmering light. The silhouette of the boat and the angler contrast with this hazy background, giving depth and scale to this superb view.
  • First Place<br>“Hirono Emotion ” SHIRAYAMA KenetsuFirst PlaceSHIRAYAMA Kenetsu
  • First Place<br>“Into the Sky!” HIRANO ToshiyukiFirst PlaceHIRANO Toshiyuki
  • Second Place<br>“Runners and Bullet Trains” IMAI TomomiSecond PlaceIMAI Tomomi
  • Second Place<br>“The Station on a Snowy Night” IGUCHI KoshiSecond PlaceIGUCHI Koshi
  • Second Place<br>“Midsummer” ONOGI FumikazuSecond PlaceONOGI Fumikazu
  • Third Place<br>“Solar Guidance” TSUSHIMA YukioThird PlaceTSUSHIMA Yukio
  • Third Place<br>“I'm in Training” HASEGAWA YujiThird PlaceHASEGAWA Yuji
  • Third Place<br>“Here Comes the Train!” AKISAWA MakikoThird PlaceAKISAWA Makiko
  • Third Place<br>“Climax” YOSHIDA MasahiroThird PlaceYOSHIDA Masahiro
  • U-22 Award<br>“Tail Lights in Spring Breeze” UCHIDA NaruhiroU-22 AwardUCHIDA Naruhiro
  • Winner<br>“A Cold Morning” YAMADA ToruWinnerYAMADA Toru
  • Winner<br>“The Passage of the Savannah”(Where the Iron Giraffe Watching Over) KUDO MitsuyoshiWinnerKUDO Mitsuyoshi
  • Winner<br>“Hydrangeas in Evening Glow” MICHINOBU TakeoWinnerMICHINOBU Takeo
  • Winner<br>“The Galaxy Railway Firefly Journey” USUI YutakaWinnerUSUI Yutaka
  • Winner<br>“Good Luck Until the End!” HISATOMI YuitoWinnerHISATOMI Yuito
  • Winner<br>“Shiretoko in the Glittering Winter” TAMURA YuyaWinnerTAMURA Yuya
  • Winner<br>“A Secluded Station” DAN YoshioWinnerDAN Yoshio
  • Winner<br>“Godzilla Appears” ISHII YoshiakiWinnerISHII Yoshiaki
  • Winner<br>“Hina Dolls on the Water” KAWAMOTO IzumiWinnerKAWAMOTO Izumi
  • Winner<br>“Galaxy Travel” AKISHINO ShigehitoWinnerAKISHINO Shigehito
  • Winner<br&gt“Through the Morning Mist” KONO KiyoshiWinnerKONO Kiyoshi
  • Winner<br>“Hurry up ! To the vaccination Center” TACHIKAWA AkiraWinnerTACHIKAWA Akira
  • Winner<br>“Concerto for an Autumn Evening” SOMA TatsuyaWinnerSOMA Tatsuya
  • Winner<br>“Get into the Spirit” MATSUBARA TomomiWinnerMATSUBARA Tomomi
  • Winner<br>“Raising Children Now” HAYASHI HiroshiWinnerHAYASHI Hiroshi
  • Winner<br>“On the Way Home…” SUZUKI YoshiakiWinnerSUZUKI Yoshiaki
  • Winner<br>“Autumn Seclusion” MIKI MasayaWinnerMIKI Masaya
  • Winner<br>“To the Sky of Hope” MIZUTAMARI KeikoWinnerMIZUTAMARI Keiko
  • Winner<br>“Coexisting with Nature” MORIKAWA KatsumiWinnerMORIKAWA Katsumi
  • Winner<br>“Blue Saphir” TANIGUCHI AkitoWinnerTANIGUCHI Akito

Haiku Section

Japan Traffic Culture Association Chairman Award [this quiet world
towards the train tracks
July 2nd ]
Comment by HASEGAWA Kai : What would the world look like to someone who is blind or deaf? A small journey out of the house to the train tracks. The world lies in silence. The author is a seventeen-year-old student at a school for the deaf. There are a hundred different worlds for a hundred different people.
First Place [the train now
has crossed the great river
soaked in sunset]
BABA Hiromi
Comment by HASEGAWA Kai : A great river colored with the sunset. The phrase “soaked in sunset ” gives life to the haiku. The author is facing the sublimity of this world.
Second Place [the station
where the youth gets off
summer vacation]
Third Place [moving away
from the platform
you in a white shirt]
[glorious autumn day
sleeping lightly
on the train]
[leaving the station
I slip
into a strange summer]
Winner [from the train window
that summer
Mt. Yōtei]
[this scenery too
will someday be a memory
summer’s train window]
ONOZAWA Taketsugu
[the train
on the way to Kishū
flowers here and there]
since the time of National Railways
the flower station]
SAITO Hiromi
[I cherish the flowers
seen from the train
my seventieth year’s journey]
TAMURA Yasuhiko
[waking up
at a station somewhere
summer moon]
[changing seasons—
a ticket to the next
is a swallowtail]
KONO Yamato
should travel alone
summer vacation]
[summer goes
with the departure bell
[the Shinkansen
becomes a mane
summer wind]
YAMADA Tomoaki
Display of higher ranking awards of haiku


List of the artists who participated at SAKURYOKAI 2021

Japanese Painting

  • ISHIODORI Tatsuya
  • UTOO Sei
  • OYA Nori
  • OSHIMOTO Kazutoshi
  • KAWASAKI Asako
  • KAWASAKI Suzuhiko
  • NAKAJIMA Chinami
  • NOJI Mikiko
  • MIYASAKO Masaaki
  • WATANABE Nobuyoshi

Western Painting

  • OTSU Eibin
  • OKUTANI Hiroshi
  • SANO Nui
  • NAKAYAMA Tadahiko
  • NOMIYAMA Gyoji
  • Brian WILLIAMS


  • AOKI Noe


  • ISHIGE Keido
  • TAKAGI Seiu

(Titles are omitted. By section, Japanese syllabary order. As of October 2021)

You can appreciate the works of celebrated artists at your leisure.

In 2021, 24 leading Japanese artists of painting and calligraphy belong to SAKURYOKAI, a group formed by our association, displayed their works at the venue. 12 artists exhibited their work in Japanese painting, including Mr. KAWASAKI Suzuhiko, 9 artists in Western painting, including Mr. NOMIYAMA Gyoji, and Mr. ISHIGE Keido and Mr. TAKAGI Seiu both in calligraphy, and Ms. AOKI Noe in drawing.

Promotion of Public Art Special Exhibition

Introduction of public art works planned and cooperated by our association in 2020-2021

This section presented our initiatives to create a richer environment by installing artworks in public places such as railways stations and airports. In 2021, a stained glass work “View of Flourishing South End Nihonbashi”, based on an original drawing by painter, YAMAGUCHI Akira be installed at Nihonbashi Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, and “ELEMENTS OF FUTURE” at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, a ceramic relief work based on an original drawing by manga artist OTOMO Katsuhiro. These were presented on panels. In addition, this year’s event featured a video and illustration map of public artworks installed in the Ueno area, as well as an exhibition of the “1% for Art” legalization efforts promoted by the Association and examples of “1% for Art” in Taiwan.

Introducing public art in the Ueno area of the venue with video and illustrated maps
“1% for Art” and our association’s efforts, Introduction of Taiwan’s “1% for Art”

Public Art Exhibition by invited artists



“WORLD” Ceramic relief works by XU Ning

XU Ning, the 38th International TAKIFUJI Art Award winner. As an invited artist for the Traffic Culture Exhibition 2021, she challenged her first work using ceramic plates.

XU Ning Biography
Born in Beijing in 1979. After graduating from the Capital Normal University in Beijing (specializing in oil painting), she moved to Japan with her family in 2006, and completed her master’s degree in painting at Tama Art University in 2020. In her fourth year at Tama Art University she received the 38th International TAKIFUJI Art Award for Excellence. She was selected for the Shell Art Prize 2019, the Grand prix at the Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2020, and the 24th Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art (2021). She currently lives and works in Kanagawa Prefecture.

left wall
Small ceramic plate parts are scattered
right wall


  • The section of Haiku
  • The space for ‘SAKURYOKAI’
  • Promotion of Public Art Special Exhibition space
  • Invited Artist Public Art Exhibition [WORLD]

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