Traffic Culture Exhibition 2016

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Traffic Culture Exhibition 2016

The Photography CategoryPhotographs for New Japan Tourism

  • Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Awards<br>[Adding Colors to the Festival]NAKAGAWA TsukasaMinister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award
    [Adding Colors to the Festival]NAKAGAWA Tsukasa
    Comment by KUMAKIRI Keisuke: Since this photograph’s motif is Kohata Hatamatsuri, a nationally known festival, it provides a strong sense of déjà vu and somewhat lacks in originality. However, the way it captures the light and its camera angle are so impressive in that they emphasize a sense of movement and express beauty as an image well. As it captures, in such great timing, the split second when those with colorful five-color banners just start to move, the banners and the people are presented as one single entity, making this work a spectacular photograph.
  • Minister of the Environment Award<br>[Terraced Paddy Fields at Sunrise] SAWAI YoshinoriMinister of the Environment Award
    [Terraced Paddy Fields at Sunrise] SAWAI Yoshinori
    Comment by KUMAKIRI Keisuke: Terraced paddy fields in Shimoakasaka is one of the top 100 terraced paddy fields in Japan, providing a beautiful landscape for each of the four seasons. It is so picturesque as the landscape of Shimoakasaka that was the birthplace of Masashige Kusunoki. Shooting the beautifully curved lines of terraced paddy fields at sunrise with a wide-angle lens, this work presents an attractive sweep of landscape with the full-scale of what the photographer wished to show.
  • Kyushu Railway Company President Award<br>[Sentiments in Spring Farewell] MASUDA ShunjiKyushu Railway Company President Award
    [Sentiments in Spring Farewell] MASUDA Shunji
    Comment by KUMAKIRI Keisuke: Photographs are obviously expected to offer great content, but the title of the work and commentary are also important elements of photography. When you read the title of this work, the photographer’s feelings and sentiments that were evoked by this scenery are clearly conveyed. The atmosphere provided by a local railway in the beautiful spring of cherry blossoms and rape flowers captured with a soft touch, providing viewers a familiar sense of comfort. A mother with a little child on her back walking on the platform of an unmanned tram station is so impressive that I am briefly transported to a different reality.
  • Japan Travel and Tourism Association Chairman Award<br>[Flying in a Group] KAKUBA KaoruJapan Travel and Tourism Association Chairman Award
    [Flying in a Group] KAKUBA Kaoru
    Comment by KUMAKIRI Keisuke: Fumishima Island in Shimane prefecture is famous as a breeding ground for Umineko, black-tailed gulls, but depending on the season, the situation changes in many ways. By sharply observing them in the midst of this ever-changing show, this photograph beautifully captured the very moment when the flying black-tailed gulls and the sea created a beautiful montage. The blue ocean, rock-breaking white waves, and the flying black-tailed gulls create a natural harmony that touches my heart. I appreciate the accuracy of the photographer’s eyes in observing nature.
  • First Place<br>[Rush Hour] UESUGI KazuhikoFirst PlaceUESUGI Kazuhiko
  • First Place<br>[Water Shooting] CHOU YoshihideFirst PlaceCHOU Yoshihide
  • Second Place<br>[Snowplow in Action] TOMII YasumituSecond PlaceTOMII Yasumitu
  • Second Place<br>[Friendship Train] ISHII YoshiakiSecond PlaceISHII Yoshiaki
  • Second Place<br>[Illusionary Lion Dance] KOJIMA MisakoSecond PlaceKOJIMA Misako
  • Third Place<br>[Beach of Jewelry Ice] KAJISAWA HirokoThird PlaceKAJISAWA Hiroko
  • Third Place<br>[Hadaka Matsuri (Saidai-ji Temple Naked Man Festival)] NISHIYAMA HirokoThird Place NISHIYAMA Hiroko
  • Third Place<br>[First Day of Opening of Hokkaido Shinkansen H5 Series] YANAGIYA MasateruThird PlaceYANAGIYA Masateru
  • Third Place<br>[Smile] TANIGUCHI TakekoThird PlaceTANIGUCHI Takeko
  • Win a Prize<br>[Small Train Trip] MATUSHIMA HiroakiWin a PrizeMATUSHIMA Hiroaki
  • Win a Prize<br>[Heartfelt trip in Minakami, Jyoshuu] OZAKI HiroshiWin a PrizeOZAKI Hiroshi
  • Win a Prize<br>[Running Along the Meadow] TAKADA YoshinariWin a PrizeTAKADA Yoshinari
  • Win a Prize<br>[Hozukyo in May] MATSUURA TsutomuWin a PrizeMATSUURA Tsutomu
  • Win a Prize<br>[Season of Green Paddy Rice Fields] INOUE SatoruWin a PrizeINOUE Satoru
  • Win a Prize<br>[Viewing Mt. Miminashi in Distance] KUBOTA OsamuWin a PrizeKUBOTA Osamu
  • Win a Prize<br>[Traditional Japanese Dancing] SUGAHARA TakuyaWin a PrizeSUGAHARA Takuya
  • Win a Prize<br>[Sa-Ku-Ra, Cherry Blossom] NAKAMURA GenichWin a PrizeNAKAMURA Genich
  • Win a Prize<br>[Youtaka Kenka Andon Festival] KOURO MasayukiWin a PrizeKOURO Masayuki
  • Win a Prize<br>[Song of Departure] YAMAGUCHI MasashiWin a PrizeYAMAGUCHI Masashi
  • Win a Prize<br>[Seto Shirube (Red Lighthouse) in the Rain] SAITO NobukoWin a PrizeSAITO Nobuko
  • Win a Prize<br>[A New Departure of Life] HIRANO MasakoWin a PrizeHIRANO Masako
  • Win a Prize<br>[Castle of Fantasy] KURIIIHARA ShigeruWin a PrizeKURIIIHARA Shigeru
  • Win a Prize<br>[Guidepost in Light] TSUSHIMA YukioWin a PrizeTSUSHIMA Yukio
  • Win a Prize<br>[Flying to the Sky Tomorrow] TANABE ManabuWin a PrizeTANABE Manabu
  • Win a Prize<br>[Hakuba's Big Snowy Gorge in the Height of Summer] NOTO MasatoshiWin a PrizeNOTO Masatoshi
  • Win a Prize<br>[My “Ohina-sama (Empress doll)”] SUKIMOTO MasahiroWin a PrizeSUKIMOTO Masahiro
  • Win a Prize<br>[Waribanta in Bise] NAKAHODO RiekoWin a PrizeNAKAHODO Rieko
  • Win a Prize<br>[Winter Coming Soon – A Moment in Late Fall] YAMAMOTO HisaoWin a PrizeYAMAMOTO Hisao
  • Win a Prize<br>[Shinkansen Blasting] SAITO MitsuoWin a PrizeSAITO Mitsuo
  • Win a Prize<br>[Flying Shinkansen] YAMADA HiroyukiWin a PrizeYAMADA Hiroyuki
  • Win a Prize<br>[Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing)] YAMANAKA TadamasaWin a PrizeYAMANAKA Tadamasa
  • Win a Prize<br>[Early Summer] HAYASHI HiroshiWin a PrizeHAYASHI Hiroshi
  • Win a Prize<br>[Departure] MOMOSE YoshiyukiWin a PrizeMOMOSE Yoshiyuki
  • Win a Prize<br>[A Reddening Sky] IIDA HideyoWin a PrizeIIDA Hideyo
  • Win a Prize<br>[Going on Coastline] ASAMI TakashiWin a PrizeASAMI Takashi

The Haiku Category

Japan Traffic Culture Association Chairman Award [buying ticket
on your tanned face
I see your aspiration]
Comment by HASEGAWA Kai: What is one’s aspiration? When you buy a ticket, it is not only about where you want to go. The author must have felt she saw a passion for life on the person’s face. In that sense, this “ticket” is also a “ticket for life”. Wishing you a happy future!
First Place [summer and me
both on train
Comment by HASEGAWA Kai:This haiku is written by a junior high school student. It is a great idea that not only he but also summer is on the train. Where does the train take them? To the sea? To the mountains? Or somewhere far away, in time and space? Traveling the world with summer. This haiku offers a plethora of potential dreams.
Second Place [last train leaving
feeling summer
moon in sky]
MATSUI Michiko
Third Place [god of wind
running through
Ise’s green paddy fields]
OKITA Akihiko
[summer hat
travelling long journey
further than me]
TODO Kunuwo
[summer trip
with only one knapsack
on non-reserved seat]
KATO Yoshiaki
Win a Prize [summer on platform
with train approaching
I am back to life]
[eating Edamame
comes already
hakata station]
ASO Katsuyuki
[station in hometown
straighten my back
summer is here]
by station master
taiyaki shop]
[“arriving soon”
first call
from Shinkansen]
SOGO Kiyoshi
[butterfly in summer
one stop train ride
till the sea]
after stopover
my summer trip]
[San-in region
glimpse of ocean
trip in summer]
[following flowers
four hours and two minutes
further to the north]
YOSHINO Shinichi
[wearing layers
finding myself
in last train]
NIKI Kazuhiko
Display of higher ranking awards of haiku


List of the artists who participated at SAKURYOKAI 2016

Japanese Painting

  • OYA Nori
  • KAWASAKI Asako
  • KAWASAKI Suzuhiko
  • KAWASAKI Haruhiko
  • KITANO Haruo
  • GOTO Sumio
  • SUZUKI Chikuhaku
  • NAKAJIMA Chinami
  • FUKUMOTO Tatsuo
  • HORI Fumiko
  • MIYASAKO Masaaki

Western Painting

  • OTSU Eibin
  • OHYABU Masataka
  • OKUTANI Hiroshi
  • KANAYAMA Keiko
  • SANO Nui
  • NAKAYAMA Tadahiko
  • NOMIYAMA Gyoji
  • FUKASAWA Takaya
  • Brian WILLIAMS


  • ISHIGE Keido
  • TAKAGI Seikaku

(Titles are omitted. By section, Japanese syllabary order. As of October 2016)

You can appreciate the works of celebrated artists at your leisure.

28 leading painting and calligraphy artists in Japan exhibited their new work for SAKURYOKAI 2016. These included, SUZUKI Chikuhaku, the oldest Japanese-style painting artist, and 13 other artists from this genre, NOMIYAMA Gyoji and 13 other artists specializing in Western-style painting and TAKAGI Seikaku and ISHIGE Keido representing calligraphy, exhibited.
Unfortunately, OHYABU Masataka and GOTO Sumio passed away during the Exhibition. Both had contributed to the Traffic Culture Exhibition for a long time. Our express our sincerest condolences.

Promotion of Public Art Special Exhibition

Pray for growth of the new tourism zone in the Donan area and southern Hokkaido.

We exhibit art in public places such as stations and airports to promote an enriched environment. Here we celebrated the opening of the Hokkaido Shinkansen on March 2016 and provided information on major public art exhibits in 6 prefectures in Tohoku and Donan in southern Hokkaido which were planned and initiated by Japan Traffic Culture Association, titled “Let’s go see art in the ‘New Tohoku Tourism Zone!!’.” Not only new public art for Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto station and Akita Airport but also for Sendai International Airport, Fukushima Airport and others that have been landmarks of the area. Also, we promoted “The Case Legislating the One Percent for Art Program” and called for sharing photos of the public art on Instagram.

Displayed promotions of the public art by our association with various examples.
The “#mypublicart” Exhibition with colorful smartphone design.

Invited Artist Public Art Exhibition

“Harvest Festival” HATTORI Haruhisa

Let a Railway Station be a Facade

The Japan Traffic Culture Association (JPTCA) requested Art Director, Mr. Hattori Haruhisa, to create public art for the Traffic Culture Exhibition 2016. The title of the work is “Harvest Festival”.

HATTORI Haruhisa:
Born 1936 in the city of Shenyang, Manchurian (China). Graduated Chiba University in 1960, then joined Wako Ltd. Over 30 years, he worked on shop windows in the Ginza district in Tokyo before establishing his own design company in 2000. From 2003 to 2013, he designed the shop windows of Sapporo JR Tower. He received many awards for his work.

Mr. Haruhisa Hattori and his wife, Mrs. Rumi Fujiwara, in front of “Harvest Festival.”
“Harvest Festival” is brilliant and attracts many people. (part of the art)
The space his art was exhibited in became a popular photo spot.


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