• Pubic Art Pubic Art
    Public Art
    We are conducting campaign to install a piece of art in a public spaces
  • Scholarship Scholarship
    To nurturing the future leaders and artists, we are running our own educational scholarship
  • Exhibition Exhibition
    The cultural exhibition, including planning exhibition, is held every year in a public spaces
  • International Exchange Promotion Program International Exchange Promotion Program
    International Exchange Promotion Program
    JPTCA is committed to international exchange through various cultural and artistic activities.
  • 1% for Art 1% for Art
    1% for Art
    We are encouraging the Japanese Government to introduce a policy that allocate one percent of the construction cost of public works towards art


Japan Traffic Culture Association is public-service corporation which is contributing to create public spaces and developculture activities, as well as nurture human resources



The 8th TAKIFUJI Art Award winner

SUENAGA Toshiaki Japanese painter

During his many years in Germany, he pondered "what is Japanese painting?" and came to the conclusio

The 6th TAKIFUJI Art Award winner

HARA Satoshi Metalwork artist

HARA Satoshi, a metalwork artist and professor of Kanazawa College of Art. He says that materials an
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