Fukushima Airport "Utopia"

Ceramic relief

Ceramic relief "Utopia" / Original Painter and Supervisor : Fumiko Hori / Ticket Lobby on 1st Floor of Terminal Building, Fukushima Airport / Installed at February 16, 2014 See Original Painting

Production Scene

Artist's Message

Fumiko HoriJapanese-style PainterBirds and animals, grasses and trees, fishes, insects, people, all creatures of this world are the ones whose lives have been given from the life planet "Earth". On the primitive earth, creatures were equally fulfilling their lives. Since I cannot overlook the current human's arrogance that forgetting that the earth is not just human being's, killing things inconvenient to humans, and starting the monopoly of the earth, I dream of the utopia when all the lives were equal and I drew this picture.


How the ceramic relief "Utopia" was born:
Ceramic relief "Utopia" in Fukushima Airport by Fumiko Hori's original painting and supervision was produced at CREARE Atami-Yugawara Studio.
Ceramic relief has a great appeal to finish a powerful work which shadows and glaze colors create by making use of Japan ancient pottery traditional techniques and adding bold unevenness on that.
This time, it was decided for the work to be produced with ceramic relief to reproduce Ms. Hori's colorful and energetic style of painting.
Whereas the painting is a planar work, the mural painting of with ceramic relief can be said to be a comprehensive art that incorporates not only the painting character but also all the characters of sculpture and craft work.
In order to express original painting by Ms. Hori with ceramic relief, "translation" work as shaping to be applied on clay is indispensable. Unlike ordinary pottery, ceramic relief requires special soil quality and manufacturing techniques.
The important thing in making the ceramics relief is how beautiful the coloring of the baked glaze comes out. In addition, the staff at CREARE Studio tried to express its texture including colors rather than colors themselves, and something like a feeling that makes people "want to touch it".
As a result, interacting with soil, shaping, glazing and firing technology, a deep taste that fascinats the viewers was born in "Utopia". To express the spirit in the work, what kind of shaping or glazing would be applied? Ms. Hori and the staff at the studio studied for almost half a year and replaced the colors and shapes of the original painting with Japanese pottery (ceramic relief), and a gentle and warm space appeared at Fukushima Airport.

Message from Persons Related

Governor of Fukushima Prefecture
Yuhei Sato
Thanks to the cooperation of Japan Traffic Culture Association, a ceramics relief "utopia" by Ms. Fumiko Hori, a representative painter in Japan, has been installed at the lobby on 1st floor of the passenger terminal, Fukushima Airport. I express deep respect and gratitude to everyone involved, including Ms. Hori, who was devoted to creating the relief as a symbol suitable for the entrance of the sky in Fukushima.
Well, three years will come soon after the earthquake disaster, but many residents of the prefecture still live evacuation life inside and outside the prefecture. In the arts and culture, there is the ability to moisturize our hearts and create vitality. This wall painting shows a fun gathering of life nurtured in nature and is also a cheer from Ms. Hori to the prefectural residents working on revitalization, I have heard.
The prefecture has formulated the new comprehensive plan "Plan for Revitalization", and the country, the municipalities and the prefecture's whole divisions are united and we are doing our utmost to reconstruction and revitalization in order to realize "Newborn Fukushima with full of dream, hope and smiles", in which prefectural people can feel reality in the reconstruction and children will feel, "we are happy that we born in Fukushima, raised and lived" in the future. I hope that everyone who visits Fukushima Airport, as well as Fukushima prefectural people, will receive courage and warmth from this wall painting, and that makes this airport more attractive and loved by everyone. In addition, I believe that this mural becomes a symbol of reconstruction and everyone will be familiar with it forever, and we would like to lead that to further promotion of Fukushima Airport.

Director General, Japan Traffic Culture Association
Hisao Taki
Since its establishment in 1948, Japan Traffic Culture Association has been actively engaged in promoting arts and culture. Its pillars are the exhibition project "Traffic Culture Exhibition", the scholarship projects "TAKIFUJI Foundation and International TAKIFUJI Art Award", and public art promotion project.
The "environment in which everyone unconsciously touches the art" born by the art installed in the public space realizes a society with relaxation and moisture. We continue these projects with hoping to help that.
The ceramic relief completed at Fukushima Airport this time is the 500th work counted from the first work installed at Tokyo Station as one of the railway 100 year anniversary project, and it is a memorable work for the public art project.
Taking this opportunity, our association would like to promote initiatively the art academy concept centered on the graduate university that we hold, and activities for the institutionalization of "1% for Arts", in order to further contribute to the promotion of arts and culture in our country.
We deeply appreciate many of you who cooperated in making this work and 500 works, and we ask for your continued understanding and cooperation on the spread of public art in the future.


Original Painter and SupervisorFumiko Hori PlannerJapan Traffic Culture Association
LocationTicket Lobby on 1st Floor of Terminal Building, Fukushima Airport Map ProducerCREARE Atami-Yugawara Studio
Installed at February 16, 2014 News
TypeCeramic relief
Size4.5m × 5.5m
KeywordsWildlives , Grasses , Trees , Fishes , Insects


Original Painter and SupervisorFumiko Hori
LocationTicket Lobby on 1st Floor of Terminal Building, Fukushima Airport Map
Installed at February 16, 2014
TypeCeramic relief
Size4.5m × 5.5m
KeywordsWildlives , Grasses , Trees , Fishes , Insects
PlannerJapan Traffic Culture Association
ProducerCREARE Atami-Yugawara Studio


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