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Matsuyama Airport "Mandarin Orange, Mandarin Orange, Mandarin Orange"

Stained Glass

Stained glass "Mandarin Orange, Mandarin Orange, Mandarin Orange" / Original Painter and Supervisor : Kyoji Takubo / Center of Domestic Fright Arrival Lobby in Terminal Building, Matsuyama Airport / Installed at November 18, 2013 See Original Painting

Production Scene

Artist's Message

Kyoji TakuboArtist, Visiting Professor of Tama Art UniversityI was born in Imabari City, Ehime prefecture. I entered Bancho kindergarten in Matsuyama City and Bancho Elementary School, and graduated from Uwajima City Uwatsu Elementary School as I crossed the prefecture in accordance with my father who was a banker. Then, after entering Tama Art University, becoming a painter, and continuing my artist activities in Tokyo for over 20 years, I have continued production of which expression subjects are everyday scenes and buildings for so many years as 11 years in France and 11 years in Kagawa after returning to Japan.
I have believed my own sensibility as a painter so far more than anything else and have lived. Last year I had a solo exhibition in Matsuyama, an exhibition of my work at The Museum of Art, EHIME was held, and I was also asked to appear on NHK's program called "Extracurricular Welcome Senior", and I went on location at Uwa Elementary School. While visiting Ehime prefecture many times, I noticed that the place which has fostered my sensibility is Ehime scenery.
The most impressive landscape is the image of the mandarin oranges which are planted in the shady fields overlooking the blue sky and the beautiful sea. I thought that I wanted to leave this image as my work. This time, I got an offer about stained glass production for Matsuyama Airport, and then I expressed the sky, the sea and the oranges of Ehime prefecture that I imagined strongly, by the color and shape of the glass through the Ehime's sun light.
Aiming at sociality in art, I continued expressive acts in unique landscapes at specific places, such as designing buildings, reproducing ceramic murals and old chapels, etc. Since I thought that I would like to produce a stained glass before, I really enjoyed my work this time.
It was fortunate for me that I was able to work with highly skilled craftsmen of technology, Meisters in CREARE Atami-Yugawara Studio, during the half-year work. I am very thankful to everyone at the studio who reflected my image of steadily rising on the work while repeating various experiments.
I think that this stained glass work will be familiar to everyone who uses Matsuyama Airport for a long time as new and nostalgic scenery at Matsuyama Airport.


The stained glass of Matsuyama Airport was planned by Japan Traffic Culture Association, and produced by "CREARE Atami-Yugawara Studio", under the supervision by Mr. Kyoji Takubo, an artist.
In this spring, the production was started at the studio from Mr. Takubo's drawing the original drawing with full scale (about 7m width and 4m height) by a crayon fixed at the tip of a fishing rod. This huge original drawing became the full scale pattern as it was. After that, the staff of the studio proceed most of the work based on the original drawing usually, but in this work, Mr. Takubo made glass by himself according to the finished image, and expressed a unique color and texture in a complicated process called fusing technique, in which he overlapped 2 or 3 layers with glass or scattered glass powder called frit. After that, he did painting work "Stain" which became the etymology of stained glass on the heavy glass pieces in which the sensibility of the painter was expressed brilliantly, and he drawn with a pigment for glass by using paintbrush at the tip of a "fishing rod" which became trademark of the painter.
For each piece of glass, a piece of handmade antique glass made by Lamberts company in German and Spectrum company in USA was used, and the whole work was completed by assembling about 3000 pieces of glass pieces.

Message from Persons Related

Governer Ehime Prefecture
Tokihiro Nakamura
Owing to the cooperation by Japan Traffic Culture Association and Japan Lottery Association, a stained glass work "Mandarin orange, Mandarin orange, Mandarin orange" by Mr. Kyoji Takubo, an artist born in this prefecture, has been installed on the first floor of Matsuyama Airport Terminal Building.
First of all, I express deep respect and gratitude Mr. Takubo and all concerned parties for contributing to production and installation of the stained glass drawing colorful oranges, as a symbol appropriate for the sky entrance of the "Citrus Kingdom Ehime."
Currently in our prefecture, aiming to realize "Ehime prefecture, the love country, full of love (smiling) faces", we are spreading the circle of "love (smiling) faces" on which the prefectural people's positive feelings and thoughtful hearts gather, and we are all committed to creating unique happiness to Ehime. And at Matsuyama Airport, we are also actively developing environment that can make people who use it "love (smiling) faces."
Under these circumstances, by installation of this powerful work on which mandarin oranges specializing in Ehime is drawn full of screens, we greatly expect that it can impress the images of Ehime more strongly to visitors, as well as it produces an attractive space that receives the light of the sun in Setouchi and makes people happy in Matsuyama Airport.
Finally I wish to express my sincere hope that this stained glass work will be loved by many people and lead to promotion of use, and then Matsuyama Airport will be increasingly crowded.

Director General, Japan Traffic Culture Association
Hisao Taki
Since its establishment in 1948, Japan Traffic Culture Association has been actively engaged in the promotion of art and culture. And we make much account of public art promotion project as well as an exhibition project "Traffic Culture Exhibition", scholarship projects "Takifuji Foundation" and "International Takifuji Art Award."
The basis of the activities is the following sentence that Herbert Lead left in his book "The Meaning of Art." "What we are missing now is not an artist - it is unconsciously an artistic public." We continue the projects in such a wish that artworks installed in public spaces will contribute to realize a relaxing and cheerful society in which people unconsciously touch art.
35 years have passed since this public art project started in earnest, this stained glass work completed at Matsuyama Airport is 499th, and in February 2014 we plan to install the 500th work at Fukushima Airport. Thank you once again for everyone who cooperated for realization of this work and 500 works, and thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation for promotion of public art in Japan in the future.

Chief Curator, The Museum of Art, EHIME
Haruka Sugiyama
Saint Vigore de Mieux chapel in Normandy region in France - rubbing glasses are attached to a part of its roof, and light passing through the rainbow-colored shining roof tiles illuminates inside of the chapel beautifully.
Kyoji Takubo migrated to the site and worked on the large-scale project for reviving the old chapel which turned into ruins for over 10 years since 1987 including preparations. He drew apple which is a special product at the region on the inner wall, and the chapel is now familiar to the local people as "the chapel with apples".
After returning home, he worked on "Kotohirayama Revitalization Plan" as a cultural advisor to Kotohira-gu Shrine. He produced a new creation of "Konpira" who was about to reborn through celebration of "Heisei's great ceremony for moving a deity to a new site" in 2004, in a multifaceted manner. The new spaces such as Ryokutaiden, the new tea room, Kami-Tsubaki, etc. with a shrine office, a meeting place, etc. which were completed at this time naturally blended into the place which has long history, and also blew new wind. In addition, he drew camellia with oil pastel on the sliding door at Hakushoin (Tsubaki-Shoin) and also produced porcelain board of Arita ware which decorates the wall of Kami-Tsubaki.
Takubo has been interested in vision and physicality since studying in Tama Art University and has published a lot of conceptual works. After that, he published a work group that applied gold leaf on waste material in 1980's, "Everyday - To Time Layer I" (in 1987, Ehime Prefectural Art Museum Collection), which reconstructed the front of the atelier at that time with waste materials, and "Absolute site" in the same year. This was an experimental attempt to record the dismantling process of the building and make it the theme of the work. In this way, it led to Takubo's subsequent efforts, the relationship between passage of time and scenery and space.
"Landscape art" - that is the ultimate art form that Takubo is aiming for. The art melts into the landscape and the lives of the people surrounding it and continues to influence each other - I guess this stained glass with mandarin oranges at Matsuyama Airport will also welcome visitors with shining under the Ehime sky.


Original Painter and SupervisorKyoji Takubo PlannerJapan Traffic Culture Association
LocationCenter of Domestic Fright Arrival Lobby in Terminal Building, Matsuyama Airport Map ProducerCREARE Atami-Yugawara Studio
Installed at November 18, 2013 News
TypeStained Glass
SizeH 4.1m × W 6.9m
KeywordsMandarin orange


Original Painter and SupervisorKyoji Takubo
LocationCenter of Domestic Fright Arrival Lobby in Terminal Building, Matsuyama Airport Map
Installed at November 18, 2013
TypeStained Glass
SizeH 4.1m × W 6.9m
KeywordsMandarin orange
PlannerJapan Traffic Culture Association
ProducerCREARE Atami-Yugawara Studio


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