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JR Hamamatsu Station "Advancing Hamamatsu"

Ceramic Relief,aluminum cast,glass

Ceramic Relief,aluminum cast,glass"Advancing Hamamatsu" Original Drawing and production:Louis FRANSEN
North Exit Station Underground Square, JR Hamamatsu Station December, 1983Installation See Original Painting

Artist's Message

Louis FRANSENPublic Art Artist (Mural, Stained Glass, etc.)Shortly after I decided to create an art piece for Hamamatsu station, I traveled there to gather information. I found that Hamamatsu was bright, vast, and offered inspiring natural beauty like its wind, sea, and Hamana Lake. Then I studied the history of Hamamatsu. I learned about Hamamatsu castle, kite-flying battles and the famous sycamore tree that survived the destruction of the war. Some very memorable images were engraved in my mind.
For me it seemed that people were vicariously flying their dreams in the sky through the kite-flying battles. I saw nature, hope and a powerful life force in the sycamore tree that survived severe war damage. People dream a dream, begin their life from there and discover themselves along the way.
The most important things in our modern technopolis are not robots but human hearts. Moving and clear hearts. I worked that into the shape of crystal. At a glance, people may seem weak, but people who understand their weaknesses are, in fact, the strongest.
I created this art work to express the nature, cultural climate, history, people and industry of Hamamatsu through what I felt and experienced there. It will be my utmost happiness if people passing in front of this mural talk to it, feel the pleasure of being alive and smile.


During his information gathering journey to the town of Hamamatsu, the artist learned of the story about “a sycamore tree whose buds blossomed even though the ground around the tree was severely burnt during the war” and this inspired him.
That powerful story is portrayed with aluminum cast. In the center is a hunk of amber glass which was inserted to symbolize people’s hearts and courage in restoring the town. The amber glass mass came from the crucible of an optical glass factory and was already polished. Formed in ceramic relief with the sycamore tree in center, scenery of Hamamatsu like Hamana Lake and kite-flying on the left and industry in technopolis Hamamatsu like the piano and automobile factories on the right.

Message from Persons Related

Mayor of Hamamatsu City
Masaru Kurihara
“Makes our city an attractive space for our citizens highlighting its charm and cultural abundance.”
We spent two years building Hamamatsu Station North Exit Square as the appropriate gateway for Hamamatsu City which has a population of more than five hundred thousand people. It was completed in 1982. We then decided to install a monument and mural to be the center of a landscape facility themed “Advancing Hamamatsu” in this underground square.
We submitted the planning of the whole landscape to the landscape facility planning committee chaired by Professor Kiyoshi Seike, Dean of Faculty of the Fine Arts department at Tokyo University of the Arts.
A space like an underground square tends to be artificial and lacking in charm or vividness. This mural which we unveil today provides a comfortable and friendly space for Hamamatsu citizens. It is a very artistic relief that exudes rich creativity and captures the city`s dreams using aluminum cast and ceramic reliefs.
The mural was produced by Mr. Louis Fransen who is a leader of modern Japan creativity. And the integration of nature, culture, history, people and industry portrays the harmony of stillness and motion.
I am very pleased from the bottom of my heart that this work has been completed, highlights the theme “Advancing Hamamatsu” and symbolizes Hamamatsu as a city balanced with humanity. I also thank the Japan Traffic Culture Association from my heart for their great help in making this possible. (in 1983)

Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts in Tokyo University of the Arts, Architect and Doctor of Engineering (in 1983)
Professor Kiyoshi Kiyoke
“A dream comes true”
I had visited Hamamatsu City in the autumn, just after the war and the city was still for the most part in ruins. I was an assistant professor in my 30’s and on a business trip to survey antique architecture. Mayor Kurihara was a city official then and we shared our dream of rebuilding our country. Mayor Kurihara was also a colleague because he graduated from the department of architecture and building engineering of Tokyo Institute of Technology in the year I was de-mobilized. I came back as an assistant of Tokyo Institute of Technology and he worked for a couple of years as a junior assistant.
He asked me to lead the landscape facility planning committee for Hamamatsu Station North Exit Station Square and to offer some ideas to revive our dreams which we had discussed 30 years before. I was delighted to accept his offer. We invited Mr. Syugoro Hasuda (a member of the Japan Art Academy), Mr. Louis Fransen, Mr. Masahiko Araki (a lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts) to participate and the mural is unveiled as the interim report. I offer my hearty congratulations.
Prior to this, the flower clock was finished in the small square. Our plan will be complete after the monument in the center and the landscaping are finished.
In many countries in Europe and in the United States, public buildings must use a certain percentage of construction expenditure for artistic landscapes. I congratulate and greatly admire the people of Hamamatsu City for their efforts to promote and enhance the cultural significance of their city. (in 1983)


Original Drawing and productionLouis FRANSEN Planner Hamamatsu City (Planning by the landscape facility planning committee)
LocationNorth Exit Station Underground Square, JR Hamamatsu Station Map ProducerLouis Fransen, Japan Traffic Culture Association
Installed on December, 1983 News
TypeCeramic Relief , aluminum cast , glass
SizeH 3.4m × W 28.4m


Original Drawing and productionLouis FRANSEN
LocationNorth Exit Station Underground Square, JR Hamamatsu Station Map
Installed on December, 1983
TypeCeramic Relief , aluminum cast , glass
SizeH 3.4m × W 28.4m
Planner Hamamatsu City (Planning by the landscape facility planning committee)
ProducerLouis Fransen, Japan Traffic Culture Association


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