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Tomoki Moriyama


Tomoki Moriyama 
Japanese-style Painter

Japanese-style Painter

Born in Okayama prefecture in 1958. After working as a painter in Tokyo, he moved his base to Okayama prefecture in 1996 and is engaged in painting work at his atelier (and also his residence) in Kibi plateau. As a painter as well as an artist, he studies drawing methods and painting materials to be handed down, and according to his knowledges and experiences, he reproduced a national treasure "Folding screen with red and white plum blossoms" drawn by Korin Ogata. The process was broadcasted at NHK "Sunday museum" etc. and called many reactions.
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This Artist's Public Art Works

Stained Glass
November 18, 2015
Okayama Airport
"Old Tale Momotaro (Peach Boy)"



Grand Prize Winner at CGA Contest (Also in 1993 and 1995)
Original picture of Okayama regional version New Year's card in 2011 "Special historical site former Shizutani school, Peach flowers, Pheasant
Fukutake Culture Encouragement Prize Winner
日本に「1% フォー・アート」の実現を
日本に「1% フォー・アート」の実現を
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