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Fumiko Hori


Fumiko Hori 
Japanese-style Painter

Japanese-style Painter

A female artist representing Japan. Without losing curiosity about her favorite natural flora and fauna and Japanese culture, she continues drawing works at present. She is called "flower artists", since the motifs of many of her works are natural lives such as flowers and birds. In recent years, she draws works with microorganisms and livings in the sea as their motifs.

This Artist's Public Art Works

Ceramic Relief
February 16, 2014
Fukushima Airport



Born in Kojimachi, Tokyo
Graduated Japanese-style Painting Department, Nurture Division, Women's Art College (currently Joshibi University of Art and Design)
Participated in the creation of Soga Association
Taught backwards as a professor of Japanese-style painting at Tama Art University (from 1974 to 1999)
Traveled around the world when she was 82 years old and drew blue poppies at the Himalayas
日本に「1% フォー・アート」の実現を
日本に「1% フォー・アート」の実現を
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