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Public transportation system is something we use for everyday commute and also for traveling. In order to bring a new perspective to public transport system, every year, we invite photography and haiku submission. (Application period is from mid June to the end of July.) Themes for the photography category are “Transportation in Japan” and “New Tourist Destinations”. Themes for the Haiku category are things pertaining to railway or things that portray and appreciate Japanese values. Works selected are exhibited at venues like Tokyo station around Railway Day (October 14th) in October every year and those works judged the best receive awards such as Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Award.


The Photography Category
The Photography Category
The Haiku Category
The Haiku Category
Sakuryokai, the group of representative artists of Japan
Sakuryokai, the group of representative artists of Japan
Exhibit activities of public art
Exhibit activities of public art
Invited artist's public art exhibition
Invited artist’s public art exhibition
Selection scenery
Selection scenery


An exhibit of leading artists of painting and calligraphy

Scene of Sakuryokai
Scene of Sakuryokai

At Traffic Culture Exhibition, which is held annually in fall at stations, Japan Traffic Culture Association also holds “SAKURYOKAI, an exhibition to present new works by representative artists of Japan. The artists with whom Hisao Taki, Director General of our association has been interacting since 1970s participate in this exhibition. Currently, about 30 artists in Japanese paintings, Western paintings, and calligraphy present their works. Among the artists, There is an expatriate American who works at Biwako lakeside. SAKURYOKAI implies “a society with full energy” as dragons going up the rapid river. Traffic Culture Exhibition is also an opportunity to be able to appreciate excellent arts in public space of station.

List of the artists who participated at Sakuryokai 2016

Japanese Painting

  • OYA Nori
  • KAWASAKI Asako
  • KAWASAKI Suzuhiko
  • KAWASAKI Haruhiko
  • KITANO Haruo
  • GOTO Sumio
  • SUZUKI Chikuhaku
  • NAKAJIMA Chinami
  • FUKUMOTO Tatsuo
  • HORI Fumiko
  • MIYASAKO Masaaki

Western Painting

  • OTSU Eibin
  • OHYABU Masataka
  • OKUTANI Hiroshi
  • KANAYAMA Keiko
  • SANO Nui
  • NAKAYAMA Tadahiko
  • NOMIYAMA Gyoji
  • FUKASAWA Takaya
  • Brian WILLIAMS


  • ISHIGE Keido
  • TAKAGI Seikaku

Promotion of Public Art Special Exhibition

Opportunity for getting familiar with public art

Showing the public arts around Japan
Showing the public arts
around Japan

In order to make public art widely known, since 2013, we have set up a section for “Promotion of Public Art Special Exhibition” within the Traffic Culture Exhibition. The effort of public art to create a pleasant environment by installing art in public spaces such as stations, airports, and libraries is unfortunately still not known enough in Japan. At the Traffic Culture Exhibition held every year in October, besides introducing public art installed across the country and artists, we also present picture panels, models, and actual art parts to showcase the process of creating public art, such as stained glass and ceramic relief from Creare Atami Yugawara Aletier (Atami, Shizuoka prefecture), which Japan Traffic Culture Association supports.


Photography Category

  •    KUMAKIRI Keisuke
    ©YAMAGUCHI Shuji
    KUMAKIRI Keisuke
  • Japan Tourism Agency, Chief of Regional Development Department
  • Ministry of Environment, Director of Global Environment Bureau
  • East Japan Railway Company, Deputy General Manager
  • Japan Travel and Tourism Association, President & CEO
  • Kotsu Newspapers, Division Director

Haiku Category

    Haiku Poet

Winners 2016

The Photography Category — Photographs for New Japan Tourism

Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Award [Adding Colors to the Festival] NAKAGAWA Tsukasa
Minister of the Environment Award [Terraced Paddy Fields at Sunrise] SAWAI Yoshinori
Kyushu Railway Company President Award [Sentiments in Spring Farewell] MASUDA Shunji
Japan Travel and Tourism Association Chairman Award [Flying in a Group] KAKUBA Kaoru
First Place [Rush Hour] UESUGI Kazuhiko
[Water Shooting] CHOU Yoshihide
Second Place [Snowplow in Action] TOMII Yasumitu
[Friendship Train] ISHII Yoshiaki
[Illusionary Lion Dance] KOJIMA Misako
Third Place [Beach of Jewelry Ice] KAJISAWA Hiroko
[Hadaka Matsuri (Saidai-ji Temple Naked Man Festival)] NISHIYAMA Hiroko
[First Day of Opening of Hokkaido Shinkansen H5 Series] YANAGIYA Masateru
[Smile] TANIGUCHI Takeko
Win a Prize [Small Train Trip] MATUSHIMA Hiroaki
[Heartfelt trip in Minakami, Jyoshuu] OZAKI Hiroshi
[Running Along the Meadow] TAKADA Yoshinari
[Hozukyo in May] MATSUURA Tsutomu
[Season of Green Paddy Rice Fields] INOUE Satoru
[Viewing Mt. Miminashi in Distance] KUBOTA Osamu
[Traditional Japanese Dancing] SUGAHARA Takuya
[Sa-Ku-Ra, Cherry Blossom] NAKAMURA Genich
[Youtaka Kenka Andon Festival] KOURO Masayuki
[Song of Departure] YAMAGUCHI Masashi
[Seto Shirube (Red Lighthouse) in the Rain] SAITO Nobuko
[A New Departure of Life] HIRANO Masako
[Castle of Fantasy] KURIIIHARA Shigeru
[Guidepost in Light] TSUSHIMA Yukio
[Flying to the Sky Tomorrow] TANABE Manabu
[Hakuba’s Big Snowy Gorge in the Height of Summer] NOTO Masatoshi
[My “Ohina-sama (Empress doll)”] SUKIMOTO Masahiro
[Waribanta in Bise] NAKAHODO Rieko
[Winter Coming Soon – A Moment in Late Fall] YAMAMOTO Hisao
[Shinkansen Blasting] SAITO Mitsuo
[Flying Shinkansen] YAMADA Hiroyuki
[Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing)] YAMANAKA Tadamasa
[Early Summer] HAYASHI Hiroshi
[Departure] MOMOSE Yoshiyuki
[A Reddening Sky] IIDA Hideyo
[Going on Coastline] ASAMI Takashi

The Haiku Category

Japan Traffic Culture Association Chairman Award [buying ticket
on your tanned face
I see your aspiration]
Comment by HASEGAWA Kai:
What is one’s aspiration? When you buy a ticket, it is not only about where you want to go. The author must have felt she saw an aspiration for life on the person’s face. In that sense, this “ticket” is also a “ticket for life”. Wishing you a happy future!
First Place [summer and me
both on train
Comment by HASEGAWA Kai:
This haiku is written by a junior high school student. It is a great idea that not only himself but also summer is on the train. Where does the train take them to? To the sea? To the mountain? Or somewhere far away, time and space-wise? Traveling the world with summer. This haiku has a lot of dreams.
Second Place [last train leaving
feeling summer
moon in sky]
MATSUI Michiko
Third Place [god of wind
running through
green paddy fields]
OKITA Akihiko
[summer hat
travelling long journey
further than me]
TODO Kunuwo
[summer trip
with only one knapsack
on non-reserved seat]
KATO Yoshiaki
Win a Prize [summer on platform
with train approaching
I am back to life]
[eating Edamame
comes already
hakata station]
ASO Katsuyuki
[station in hometown
straighten my back
summer is here]
by station master
taiyaki shop]
[“arriving soon”
first call
from Shinkansen]
SOGO Kiyoshi
[butterfly in summer
one stop train ride
till the sea]
after stopover
my summer trip]
[San-in region
glimpse of ocean
trip in summer]
[following flowers
four hours and two minutes
further to the north]
YOSHINO Shinichi
[wearing layers
finding myself
in last train]
NIKI Kazuhiko

Harajuku Fashion Joy Board Culture Festival

Harajuku Fashion Joy Board Culture Festival

What is Harajuku Fashion Joy Board Culture Festival ?

Appealing to young people through big signboards at JR Harajuku station

The big signboards at Takesita-dori exit of JR Harajuku Station
The big signboards at Takesita-dori exit of JR Harajuku Station

Harajuku, Tokyo is known to the world as a hub to create youth culture. Young people in the world are drawn to, and follow, young fashion, goods and design, and life style created in Harajuku. Harajuku is a “sacred spot” for Kawaii culture and we can say it is an originating place for “Japan is cool”. Along the platform of Harajuku station, there are sixteen big signboards (height 3m, width 4m) that Japan Traffic Culture Association owns. Harajuku Fashion Joy Board Culture Festival is an event whereby big posters with social and cultural messages are posted on these big signboards and has become a seasonal tradition of Harajuku. Recent posters include “Bring Olympic and Paralympic Games to Japan!” and “Travel campaign to rediscover the charm of Fukushima” with a aim to bring back tourists to Fukushima prefecture damaged considerably by the Great East Japan Earthquake in March, 2011, getting attention of young people passing through the station.

44th Harajuku Fashion Joy Board Culture Festival

At Harajuku Fashion Joy Board Culture Festival from April to October 2015, Japan Traffic Culture Association and Information-technology Promotion Agency have co-hosted a campaign called “Protect and foster IT society; Striving for realization of a reliable IT society”, in which Manga is used to appeal the importance of password strengthening to prevent unauthorized log-ins.

Harajuku Fashion Joy Board
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